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11 exclusive expert insights from day one of EFIB 2018.

11 exclusive expert insights from day one of EFIB.We are winning because we are having this conversation and we are on this journey that we were not on 20 years ago.”

For more than a decade, the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology & the Bioeconomy (EFIB) had provided a space for policy makers, academics and commercial companies to come together to discuss, debate and promote the development of the bio-economy. At this years event in Toulouse in the South West of France, of which Bio-Based World News is a proud media partner, the newest member of our team, Liz Gyekye, has been hard at work reporting on the proceedings. Check our Twitter account @Bio_BasedWorld and the hashtag #EFIB2018 for photos, quotes and news. But weve also picked out eleven of the sharpest insights from the first day, well publish highlights of the second day same time tomorrow!

We need to disrupt business as usual in our societies and integrate the UN SDGs in the way we run our companies. – Lise Kingo, CEO and executive director, United Nations Global Compact.

I think that the bioeconomy has some of the best stories to tell the public they are stories that are exciting, inspirational and can deliver on some of the UN SDG goals. Vivienne Parry, OBE, science writer, broadcaster and facilitator told Bio-Based World News.

We are working on bread improvers to help reduce food waste, which can make sure that bread can be used for several weeks. – Marcel Wubbolts, chief technology officer, Corbion.

Biotechnology is still not well understood, but if you explain it time and time again people will get it. Emmanuel Petiot, CEO, Deinove.

We started during difficult times. Yet, it is noticeable that there is more money in the market, especially in the Netherlands. Vernoique De Bruijn, CEO, Photanol.

This is the right time to get a carbon tax as we have talking about it for a long time. I hope there will be enough political will to introduce this carbon tax. Christophe Dardel, CEO, EnobraQ.

There needs to be more of a collaboration between the major biotechnology groups and the smaller companies. – Marcel Wubbolts, chief technology officer, Corbion.

The European Commissions revised bio-economy strategy will be formally adopted on 21st October. – Wolfgang Burtscher, deputy director-general, directorate-general research and innovation, European Commission.

We are winning because we are having this conversation and we are on this journey that we were not on 20 years ago. There are no silver bullets but every little bit helps.- Reenee G. Henze, global marketing director, DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

Brand owners have been nervous about moving the debate on biotechnology along, due to issues with GMO in the past. It has been a hot potato in relation to customers. Sean Sutcliffe, CEO, Green Biologics

Public opinion is very negative on plastics, which is not good. The traditional plastics industry has not managed this end-of-life story in a good way. However, all of us, including the bioplastics industry, need to join forces to grab this challenge and try to improve on it. Francois de Bie, senior marketing director, Total Corbion PLA.

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