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NatureWax is lighting the way for un-bee-lievable bio-based products

Cargill Naturewax Products, Bio-Based World NewsTo meet the soaring demand in global markets for renewable and ecofriendly products, one innovative company has invented a bio-based solution set to light the way for premium commercial candle production.

With many consumers opting for cleaner, more sustainable alternatives in their purchases, the latest step forwards for bio-based alternatives can be be seen in the recent acquisition of bio-based business NatureWax by production giant Cargill.

Cargill is heading off the market trend for bio-based candles as the colossal $2.3 billion international candle market matures. Retailers are increasingly seeking fresh-thinking candle makers for innovative product ideas to attract new customers and expand category sales.

In a move that signals growing investment in bio-based products, this latest teaming of NatureWax and Cargill is an exciting new development in evolving catalogues of bio-based applications.

So what is NatureWax and why is the business acquisition by Cargill an indicator of bio-based market growth?

NatureWax produces a much sought-after range of candles that are favoured for their unique ecofriendly wax created from an un-bee-lievable natural blend of bio-based ingredients.

Vegetable wax, Bio-Based World NewsTheir signature wax is a formidable alternative to petroleum-based waxes that often use damaging production processes and unsustainable ingredients that have fallen out of favour with environmentally mindful consumers. Their wax blend also avoids the use of beeswax, appealing to a solid base of strictly vegan consumers.

NatureWax acts as a stopper for the soaring demand for more sustainable candle ranges. By bringing new and renewable candle ideas to market, NatureWax offer the broadest selection of innovative, premium natural waxes available to candle makers, developed across their 50 years of business experience.

The high-performance container, pillar and votive candle blends even offer custom formulations, tailored to a particular retailer fragrance or performance goal, a flexible approach that has made them a hit with customers.

NatureWax’s dedication to using high-performance vegetable waxes satisfies the needs of consumers seeking environmentally friendly products.

As full owner of NatureWax, Cargill @Cargill will use its global supply chain management strengths and technical innovation networks to provide waxes superior to petroleum-based paraffin alternatives.

Cargill’s Industrial Specialties Global Managing Director, Kurtis Miller underlines the product’s appeal;

NatureWax has a long history of providing superior technical service to help its customers, creating differentiated products and streamlining supply chains, said Miller. And Cargills customers are asking us to help meet their growing demands for bio-based products with enhanced performance and functionality. Our customers will benefit greatly from the combined strengths of our two companies.

Cargill has owned NatureWax from its humble inception in the late 1990s until 2007 which saw the company sold to its current parent company, Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. @ElevanceInc Cargill’s move to repurchase the thriving bio-based NatureWax business is a testament to the model’s clear potential for growth and economic viability.

Cargill Products, Bio-Based World News

This acquisition further expands Cargills ability to serve makers of vegetable-derived, bio-based industrial products.

By providing bio-industrial solutions and investing in these capabilities for more than 60 years, Cargills bio-based product catalogues are wide and varied from personal care products, dielectric fluid, lubricants, detergents, agrichemicals, asphalt and CASE (coatings, adhesives, elastomers, sealants), flexible foams, paints, inks and coatings.

A superior wax

Made from renewable and sustainable resources, there are plenty of advantages to using vegetable wax as opposed to alternative fuels in candles.

Vegetable Farming, Bio-Based World NewsVegetable wax is, as you may have guessed, derived from vegetable stuffs. NatureWax’s blend is grown by local farmers saving on export and transportation emissions. Vegetable wax is a renewable resource that can be replenished at a faster rate than its paraffin predecessors, posing a diminished threat to the environment.

Paraffin Wax is derived from fossil fuels, after a refining processes take place, the bi-product is the paraffin wax commonly used in candles. This unsustainable process means that many consumers are looking for vegetable based alternatives as the next generation of buyers are ever more aware of the environmental impact of the depletion of natural resources. A new wave of consumers are using their product purchasing power to favour naturally-sourced products.

With oil prices becoming seemingly unpredictable, agriculturally produced vegetable waxes such as that used by NatureWax are also attractive to brands. The vegetable wax supply chain is secure and reliable. NatureWax source raw materials from local farms around the world, monitoring them from point source to final destination. This ensures both dependable source delivery across retailer locations and equally verifies viability and sustainability of the working conditions used in the wax production line. The bio-based product also has a lower labour cost, with consistently performing candles only requiring a single pour for higher output with less labour.

Vegetables, Bio-Based World NewsThese new formulations of waxes result in superior glass adhesion and are shown to result in fewer factory rejects and customer returns across production lines. The quality of vegetable-based waxes is also noticeable in the superior colour vibrancy in glass container candles and the fragrance-holding qualities which produce candles with a pleasing cold scent.The outstanding cold throw fills the air with aroma, attracts consumers and stimulates impulse purchases at the point of sale, which have boosted the overall initial sales of these candles.

The candles burn cleaner and longer and are easier to imbue with customisable fragrances. The candle’s excellent hot throw fragrance also fosters increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty for the NatureWax ranges.

As the popularity in consumer markets for non-petroleum blends grows, niche bio-based providers such as NatureWax are clearly established as the next generation of market-leaders. This latest bio-based product acquisition from Cargill will see their global logistical capalities lighting the way for evolving product markets that meet a new generation of environmentally conscious buyers.

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