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Bio Market Insights delivers original content, business intelligence, connection and commercialisation services to a global network of 60k professionals across the bioeconomy

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The digital meeting service for the global bioeconomy. Market Meetups connect thousands of innovators, upstream & downstream partners, investors, consumer brands & wider value chain via a programme of pre-scheduled meetings, targeted recommendations, personal introductions, and industry conversations.

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Bio Market Insights publishes a weekly digital newsletter. With 15k subscribers, Bio Market Insights Weekly delivers the latest stories, curated interviews, and other exclusive content. We are busy on social media too, connected with thousands of industry professionals and market influencers, so be sure to connect with us for the news as it breaks.


The dedicated TV channel for the global bioeconomy community. Where the good and the great share their insights, opinions, and vision as we transition from linear to circular. BMI TV streams influencer interviews and hosts world-renowned expert masterclasses.


We bring you the latest news driving the commercialisation of the bio value chain with the daily news service, our “5 Minute Interviews...” series with industry trendsetters, feature stories from our journalists and contributors, magazine-style pieces and industry reports.

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A global platform for the Circular Bioeconomy

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