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10 Speaker Insights from Day Two of Bio-Based Chemicals and Products in Amsterdam.

We are just about all done here atBio-Based Chemicals and Products in Amsterdam and what a couple of days it has been here at the fantastic Hotel Okura! Packed full of industry leaders explaining, debating and presenting the latest bio-based chemicals and product and brand developments in our speaker sessions, exhibitor clinics, roundtable discussions and of course plenty of networking. Theres been a real focus of supply change challenges, metrics and measurement and improving the messaging both inside our industry and into the wider public. Yesterday we offered tenSpeaker Insights from Day Oneand today we have another ten from some of the many participants here today.For those of you on Twitter also take a look at the hashtag#BioBasedLivewhich has again been very busy todayand our account@Bio_BasedWorld which has even more coverage of the a great two days!

When any one says biodegradable you need to ask three questions, what is the time frame, what is the extent of biodegradation and in what environment? Molly Morse, CEO,Mango Materials

The compostable packaging market is to be $3bn by 2020, and is growing 11% a year. Daphna Nissenbaum, Co-Founder and CEO,TIPA

I think the bio-based economy is still positive. But weve all become more realistic. Shareholders really looking at de-risking. Marcel Lubben, President,Reverdia

The cost of the loss of biodiversity and global warming is not passed on in the cost of products. Markus Hummelsberger, Marketing & Sales Director,Succinity

We are making chemicals, and producing solutions for partners and end users but we need partnerships all along the value chain to make this to succeed Niklas Meine, Innovation Manager,Covestro

Avoid tunnel vision with your technology, it should be best-in-class throughout the process, and be patient, development takes time with sometimes unexpected results along the way. Hans van der Pol, Senior Director, Bio Based Innovations,Corbion

We must move beyond our own bio-based world and spread the message far and wide.– John Williams, Board Member and Technical Director,Biobased & Biodegradable Industries Association.

You must make the connection to the customer, turn the brand into a lifestyle choice. Tom Domen, Innovation Manager,Ecover.

“We don’t invest in anything that needs subsidies, if you can’t stand on your own two feet, we aren’t interested” – Murray McLaughlin, Executive Director,Bioindustrial Innovation Canada.

Flexible packaging should be a natural part of organic waste- Daphna Nissenbaum, Co-Founder and CEO,TIPA.

This event will return to Europe early next year, to learn more or to dicuss opportunities to participate,

Bio-Based LIVE! our next event will be in San Francisco on 26-27th September. Read all about ithere.

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