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15 Expert Insights from Day One of Bio-Based Live in San Francisco.

"Is Scientific Speak Strangling Sustainability?" Panel discussion (L-R, Jonah Sachs, Victor Oh, Chris McKillop, Kristen Stutz and Nick Aster)Today Bio-Based World News reports to you live from the first day of the first Bio-Based Live eventin San Francisco which is just finishing upIt’s been a fantastic gathering of over 150 bio-based experts from across the whole value chain, from those some of the largest consumer brands in the world, to startup bio-based chemicals, federal organisations. And everywhere in between! For those of you who haven’t been able to make this year, we are delighted to give you a little flavour of the day with some insights from leadingspeakers including TOTAL, Neste, Procter & Gamble, Club Coffee, Triple Pundit and more.

For those of you on Twitter also take a look at the hashtag#BioBasedLivewhich has been very busy todayand our account@Bio_BasedWorldfor more news and links from today.

Bio-Based is worth $369 billion to the US economy Theres now 14,000 products listed as Bio-Preferred, we average about one a day. Doug Mckalip, Senior Adviser Biotechnology, US Department of Agriculture.

People expect the best possible performance from us. There is no give on that at all. Dr. Lee Ellen Dreschler, Director, Corporate Research and Open Innovation, Procter & Gamble.

Garbage is the most non-innovative industry in human history Michael Waas, Global Vice President of Business Development and Client Services, Terracycle

The creation of our range of bio-based products has been a big learning curve. We learnt that the sustainable aspect is not enough. Performance is required as well. And of course price! Frdric Meyer, Director Strategy and Growth, TOTALFluides(Read more:Ask the industry: Frdric Meyer)

We can reverse climate change! Not about minimisation; we want to win! Its an industrial re-revolution! Mikhail Davis, Director Restorative Enterprise, Interface.

More than 1 billion tons of biomass could be sustainably produced in the US without impacting on food and feed by 2030. Kevin Craig, Program Manager, Bioenergy Technologies Office, US Department of Energy

21st century commercialization requires transparency in health, safety and sustainability demonstration Jo Anne Shatkin, President, Vireo Advisers

Weve had to reach out across the whole value chain. Co-operation is crucial in developing new products. Alejandra Noren, Head of New Ventures, Neste.

The good news is that even the disjointed care. the bad news defining sustainability is almost useless. Nick Aster, Founder, Triple Pundit.

Green-washing and green-bashing both work. As consumers dont know the science so find the story and work back from there. Chris McKillop , Vice President, Communications and Government Relations, Club Coffee.

People are moving further and further away from inadequacy marketing. The product is no longer the hero in advertising. Jonah Sachs, Co-Founder, Chief Storytelling Officer, Free Range Studios.

Are consumers either B2b or B2C willing to pay more? No. Not unless theres some personal or company sustainable focus. So it has to be performance. Bio-Based perhaps works best as a b2b term, because it is essentially a technical term. For b2c, I dont think it really means anything to consumers. Victor Oh, Research Associate, Bio-Based Materials & Chemicals, Lux Research.

Two truckloads of Tide leave our plant a minute, so for widespread adoption of bio-based for a product like ours, huge quantities are needed. Kristen Stutz, Brand Manager, North America Tide Innovation,Procter & Gamble. (Read more:Bio-based detergent launched by P&G’s Tide brand.)

Defining bio-based is a challenge but also an opportunity Jo Anne Shatkin, President, Vireo Advisers.

“You have to understand the industry and its needs andnot just push a technology for them” Andy Shafer, Shafer’s Innovation & Business Building Services.

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