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60 minutes to accelerate your R&D in the conversion of renewables.

“I think that now, more than ever, we are seeing an emphasis on speed for projects to further develop the bioeconomy. What we have experienced through the Coronavirus pandemic is that projects still can be executed quickly with automated test-systems and digitalized workflows…“- Dr. Fabian Schneider, webinar host.

Novel chemical processes that convert renewable feedstocks into high-value products are important, since they allow a more sustainable use of resources and foster the growth of the circular economy but selecting the correct one can be a challenge. Making this choice and identifying the best catalyst is key to develop and commercialize effective catalytic processes and is the focus of this webinar.

Register today for free for our next webinar, broadcast on Wednesday 9th September –  How high throughput technology will accelerate your R&D in the conversion of renewables and even if you can’t watch live, you can register to watch ‘on-demand’ at a later date.

In this exclusive webinar broadcast:

  • Learn about an array of automated and parallelized technologies best suited to catalytically convert renewables.
  • Gain insights into how high-throughput experimentation technologies are utilized to accelerate development of processes and catalyst.
  • Develop an understanding of how a fully digitalized workflow will improve the quality of obtained test data.

Hosted by industry pioneers hte alongside Bio Market Insights, they will guide you through the experimental workflow from technology selection to process control, product analysis and the collection of data. Furthermore, customer case studies illustrate how high throughput technology in combination with a fully digitalized workflow are applied to overcome the challenges in the conversion of renewables.

And of course being an interactive broadcast, we welcome your questions both in advance and during the live broadcast.

So, register today for free for How high throughput technology will accelerate your R&D in the conversion of renewables and even if you can’t watch live, you can register to watch ‘on-demand’ at a later date.

Read more about hte hereHow hte’s tech toolbox is helping accelerate the time to market for renewable products.

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