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Luke Upton


We launched the Bio-Based World News portal in October 2015 with a clear aim of supporting the commercialisation of bio-based chemicals, materials and products. In the years since, we have covered the projects, policies and personalities that have shaped the growing bio-economy. It’s an industry that has matured and evolved in this period as sustainability has moved further into the public’s consciousness and is increasingly influencing spending and investment decisions.

This development has been mirrored by our expansion, we began publishing the Quarterly in 2016, launched across a number of social media platforms and running our own event series Bio-Based Live! before acquiring World Bio Markets in 2017. Each day since our launch our editorial team has delivered must-read business information. Our global contributors include industry pioneers, business leaders, scientists, policy makers, brand owners, marketers, engineers and technology specialists. Our team has been proud to focus our energy on the commercialisation of the bio-economy and play a role in its growth.

And now, to reflect both this growth and the wider solutions that are being sought by companies to create more sustainable, better performing products, be it by biodegradability, recycling or by harnessing the power of synthetic biology we are widening our platform and re-launching as Bio Market Insights.

Bio Market Insights is your dedicated, market facing global community for the bio-economy sector. Linking science to business and focused on turning potential into profit, we connect investors, academics and innovators to commercial end market customers

We remain committed to the editorial rigour that has helped make Bio-Based World News the leading community for our industry and will further expand its remit into reports, white papers and webinars. Our new portal and live events are now clearly defined into the three essential aspects of what drives the bio-economy forward – business, technology and markets – making it easier for our community members to find the essential business information they need to support their growth.

The team at Bio Market Insights are committed to being a part of the commercial growth of the bio-economy and are proud to be a part of such a vibrant, developing and important industry.

We look forward to working with you.

Alex, Luke, Rosie, Ryan, Liz and Tom

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