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An editor’s preview into Bio-Based Live Europe held in Amsterdam.

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Its greBio-Based Live Europe.jpgat to be ableto showjust what ispossible with sustainable materials.

At the end of this month, the University of Amsterdams Science Park will be opening its doors to 200+ brands, retailers, chemical companies, biotech companies, start-ups, financiers and researchers; all committed to the development and growth of the bio-based economy. You can join them on the 31st May 1st June!

With this being our second annual Bio-Based Live Europe conference, we believethere has never been a more excitingtime to work in the industry! With global production of bio-based chemicalsnow exceeding 60 million tonnes, theglobal market for bio-based chemicalsis expected to increase to at least $12.2bnby 2021. We want to support thissustainable shift towards the circulareconomy and bio-based products.

At Bio-Based Live you can network and collaborate with the full value chain to move a step closer to the commercialisation of bio-based products. There will be a unique blend of Fireside Chats, Deeper Dive Roundtables, Workshops, Awards, Dragons Den, Storytelling and panel sessions creates a fun and more relaxed environment that unlike other industry shows is 100 percent dedicated to the business of bio-based chemicals from lab to market.

The conference will be divided into two streams which will allow you to make best use of your time in Amsterdam:

  • Stream one looks into the processes, innovation and technology to develop bio-based and green innovation that are cost-competitive at a commercial scale.
  • Stream two is based on sustainable products with advice and expertise to improve the triple bottom line for brands and retailers by placing bio-based at the heart of sustainability strategies.

Whether youre a chemical company or a retailer our global audience consisting of: Carlsberg, TOTAL, BASF, LEGO, H&M and Lanzatech make this a conference that you cant miss! The full agenda can be read here, however, Bio-Based World News have brought together some highlights from the 2017 agenda.

The dynamic and interactive platformwill allow opinions to be shared, debates to be created and develop solutions to overcome the common problems that are currently being faced. On the first day you will be able to listen to Lanzatechs CEO, Jennifer Holmgren at 11:30 with her presentation focused on creating the right partnerships to create rapid commercialisation. Another key speaker is Tetra Paks Omen Emran, Project Manager for Environmental Innovation who will be explaining more about the next generation of bio-based packaging at11:15.

Ahead of the conference we held an exclusive interview with Omer and asked where he would like to see Tetra Pak in five years time: It would be great to realise our ambition to develop an aseptic package, in which all materials used in the package would come from renewable sources achieving a high standard of environmental performance.

This year we are also very excited to hear more from the Founder of QMilk, Anke Domaske who will be speaking on day one at 14:45. Using sustainable textile fibres from wasted milk, Anke believes: “We have invented a completelynovel system which collects the milk, churns it, and thenupcycles it. Having a different background makes what we do completely unique -and it is something I’m very proud of.”

On day two there will be more guest presentations from the likes of Anellotechs CEO and President David Sudolsky who will be discussing value creation and what bio-based can offer when compared to petroleum at 11:30. For those of you needing further clarity about the standards and labelling needed for bio-based products, Sean Sutcliffe the CEO of Green Biologics will be offering his advice on this at 11:30 to help you understand the needs of your market.

Watch the highlights from 2016 here:

We look forward to meeting you in Amsterdam and working together to make this one of the industrys renowned bio-based event!

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