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It is unsure if Stefanie Sacherow passion was the reason to study “Languages, Culture and Economy” or if her studies were the reason for her passion to discover the world. Certainly, the University of Passau equiped her with English and French language skills that lead her into her job in exhibition management. During 9 years, she built up the functional fabric fair PERFORMANCE DAYS as the leading platform for textile sourcing in Munich and set the milestones for the format in New York and Portland. She made herself known as a trustworthy and hard-working business woman. Throughout her researches for the fair's focus topic (each of the bi-annual exhibition focused one important industry subject as theme), she collected information e.g. on different man-made, natural and bio-based fabrics, its possibilities to be recycled and finally the difficulties of plastic and microplastic. In November 2018, Stefanie decided to become active herself by supporting the “No-Trash Triangle Initiative” in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. In April 2019, she dedicated one month of her sabbatical to support the NTTI on Bangka Island. As volunteer, she collected waste at the beach, sorted it to return it into recycling chains as well as published texts. During her time in Indonesia, she fell in love with the marine life and started diving. Her time in Indonesia has opened her eyes for the necessity to minimize waste, choose products that are BIO-degradable and to avoid packaging that are not worth the material to pack. She is still following her dream travelling the world, currently in Australia where she helps friends in a horse riding in breeding stable before her next stops Polynesia and South America are calling her.

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