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BASF and Green & Light unveil car boot floor cover made from ‘paper honeycomb’ technology.

BASF paper honeycomb trunk floor. Copyright (BASF).This development process symbolises BASFs global approach, and this innovative material solution leads to new possibilities for car interior components.

China-based car parts supplier Green & Light Automotive Components has teamed up with chemicals company BASF to unveil a car boot floor cover made with polyurethane paper honeycomb technology.

According to BASF, the car boot floor has a covering of Elastoskin – its polyurethane skin technology.

In a statement, BASF said that this newly developed product is easier to clean than the conventional non-woven fabric surfaces and offers great freedom in the design process and has excellent aging and emission properties.

The honeycomb structure has been used in car boot covers, headliners and hat racks, BASF (@BASF) said.

In order to make the bio-based car boot cover, a paper honeycomb is enclosed with two fibreglass mats. It is also foamed and pressed with a Elastoflex E semi-rigid polyurethane foam that potentially reduces the component weight by 20-30% while ensuring the same strength and stiffness, BASF said.

This innovation formed part of a wider global project launched by Green & Light. According to BASF, it is the first time that an Elastoskin skin has been applied on the B-side of a trunk floor. As a result of this, dirt can be easily removed and the trunk kept neat and clean in contrast to the non-woven fabric.

For many years, BASF has been supporting the trend towards weight reduction in the automotive industry with its honeycomb technology. This development process symbolises BASFs global approach, and this innovative material solution leads to new possibilities for car interior components, said Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President of Performance Materials Asia Pacific at BASF.

He added: Our partnership with Green & Light demonstrates how much we support our customers with in-depth expertise in new developments. There could well be more innovations, taking account of global added value.

The initial laboratory tests and developments were completed at the BASF site in Lemfrde, Germany.

The honeycomb components with Elastoskin are produced by Green & Light Automotive Components at its plant in Suzhou, China.

The finished components are then shipped to automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.

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