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Beverage giant Suntory aims to make all plastic bottles bio-based by 2030

Suntory sells water, tea and other drinks in plastic bottles in about 50 countries, using an estimated 10 billion bottles a year.

Japanese beverage group Suntory Holdings aims to make all of its plastic bottles from recycled or bio-based materials by 2030.

“It is Suntory’s founding promise to coexist with people and nature. We will tackle the plastics problem by contributing to the realisation of a circular economy and by bringing together our advanced technology to lead the world in finding effective solutions to this global issue,” said Takeshi Niinami, Chief Executive Officer of Suntory Holdings.

Suntory (@SuntoryGlobal) sells water, tea and other drinks in plastic bottles in about 50 countries, using an estimated 10 billion bottles a year.

The company owns well-known brands including Orangina, Lucozade, Ribena, TEA plus, BOSS coffee, Lyemon tea, and Suntory Tennensui water.

The company’s bottles currently include about 10% recycled PET. Suntory aims to lift that ratio to between 60% and 70% by 2030, and make up the remainder with plant-based resin that also can be recycled.

Suntory expects the process will produce bottles at the same cost as those made from crude oil-derived plastic. This plan is part of Suntory’s new sustainability policy.

Last year, Suntory introduced its ‘FtoP Direct Recycle Technology’ – a first-of-its-kind PET preform manufacturing technology that streamlines the recycling process of making PET bottles out of used PET bottles which is useful in decreasing environmental impact while improving supply chain efficiencies, according to the company.

Suntory said it will continue its effort for developing PET bottles with less environmental impact and for contributing to build an efficient recycling system.

The company will set up its PET factory in the US with biochemicals specialist Anellotech.

Through these initiatives, Suntory Beverage & Food, a beverage company of Suntory Group will increase usage of recycled content in its PET bottles to more than 50% in Japan by 2025 as mid-term goal.

Based on this plastic policy, Suntory will aim for fully sustainable plastic bottles by expanding “FtoP production” capability and switching to recycled materials or plant-based materials for all PET bottles used globally by 2030.

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