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Bio-Based World TV goes live!

Bio-Based_World_TV.jpgThe Bio-Based World News film crew were hard at work at Bio-Based Products and Chemicals World in Amsterdam in May speaking to a host of experts who were in attendance, and today we are proud to showcase four videos where we gain exclusive insights from some of the leading voices and influences in the bio-based industry.

We spoke exclusively to Caroline Laurie (Kingfisher), Willem Vaessen (Deloitte), Molly Morse (Mango Materials), Andy Sweetman (Innovia Films), Geanne Van Arkel (Interface) Thomas Klusli (AVA-CO2), Marianna Ralli (Korres Natural Products), Pierre Royer (Castorama) and more so take a looknow

Highlights and speaker interviews from Amsterdam 2016.

Interview with Pierre Royer, Castorama

(For more from Pierre;Expert View: Getting sustainable products to market is about people, not products.)

Interview with Marianna Ralli, Korres Natural Products.

(For more from Marianna:
Korres Natural Products at 20; inside a natural success story.)

Interview with Thomas Klusli, AVA-CO2

(Thomas made a big announcment at this event, for more:AVA-CO2 confirms it has successfully developed an interface for different FDCA oxidation routes.)

The nextBio-Based Liveevent is confirmed forSan Francisco onSeptember 26-27th 2016, for all the latest information and to find out how you can become involved as a speaker, partner or attendee please contact

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