Bio-economy industry press releases.

Luke Upton

Italmatch Chemicals buys RecoPhos Project Technology from Israel Chemicals.

Genoa – January 16th, 2020 – Italmatch Chemicals, a leading global specialty chemical group focused on the production and marketing of performance additives for water & process treatment, oil & gas, industrial
lubricants and plastics, announces that has acquired from Israel Chemicals (ICL) the RecoPhos Project
Technology, including all licenses, IP, know-how and assets related to it. The aim is to further develop and
complete a sustainable, highly efficient and economical viable process to recover phosphorus from all P
containing waste streams (sewage sludge’s ashes is one of them) to produce P4, to which the Recophos
technology is expected to further add.

Italmatch Chemicals’s historical and current portfolio is strongly related to Phosphorus (P4) as strategic raw
material. Italmatch Chemicals therefore decided to acquire the Recophos Project Technology, which was
initiated by ICL and other partners.

Once the Recophos Project Technology (literally Recovery of Phosphorus) will be completed, Italmatch
Chemicals will open a new route to produce Elemental Phosphorus with the purest quality, out of secondary
“waste” raw materials, contributing to reduce the consumption of Natural Phosphate Ore, declared as critical
and strategic raw material by the EU due to its limited availability in the long term future. Phosphorus (P4) is a key raw material for different industrial applications fields like Flame Retardants, Oil Additives, Crop Protectors, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, etc. The RecoPhos Project Technology aims at using recovered P contained in ashes, out of waste streams, replacing mined phosphate rock, and fully complying with the principles of the Circular Economy.

Sergio Iorio, CEO of Italmatch Chemicals Group, stated: “For Italmatch Chemicals, Innovation and
Sustainability represent the key element factor for the company’s long-term success. Our roots, our history,
our culture and guidelines, drive us to continue investing in research and development and innovative “breakthrough technologies” for the realization of projects that can contribute to spread and promote sustainable and circular business practices. Indeed this transaction, completely based on the concept of “circularity” of resources rather than exploitation of new ones, follows the recent acquisition of Eco Inhibitors that has allowed Italmatch to present to the market a new class of innovative “anti agglomerant” products for off shore drilling, with high environmental compatibility, utilizing natural organic waste as raw materials, and replacing oil-based alternative products: another perfect example of circular economy.”

Maurizio Turci, General Manager Corporate & Group CFO, stated: “This transaction perfectly complies with
the Group development strategy focused on organic growth, research and Innovation projects and new “breakthrough” technologies. As a specific example we have recently launched Beyond Innovation, an encouraging internal plan based on sharing and enhancing sustainable Project ideas, to increase and support the long-term Group future profitability and address innovation towards circular economy.”

Carlos Galeano, Beyond Innovation Project Director, stated: “This acquisition not only introduces a new way
to treat waste streams containing Phosphorus (P), but also transforms the way the industry will treat P
containing ashes in the future. With Recophos, Italmatch Chemicals aims to both offer a P4 with a considerably higher quality to the market and consolidate its global leadership in the high-tech industry.”

Parliament supports European Green Deal and pushes for even higher ambitions

MEPs support the European Green Deal, but highlight challenges, including ensuring a just and inclusive transition and the need for high interim targets.

Parliament adopted on Wednesday its position on the European Green Deal, unveiled by Commission President von der Leyen in a plenary debate in December. MEPs welcome the European Green Deal and support an ambitious sustainable investment plan to help close the investment gap. They also call for an adequately funded just transition mechanism.

Speed up reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions

Parliament wants the upcoming Climate Law to include higher ambitions for the EU’s 2030 goal of emissions reductions (55% in 2030 compared to 1990, instead of “at least 50% towards 55%”, as proposed by the Commission). The EU should adopt these targets well in advance of the UN climate change conference in November, MEPs say. They also want an interim target for 2040 to ensure the EU is on track to reach climate neutrality in 2050.

To prevent carbon leakage due to differences in climate ambition worldwide, Parliament calls for a WTO-compliant carbon border adjustment mechanism.

MEPs stress that they will amend any legislative proposals to meet the objectives of the Green Deal. Higher targets for energy efficiency and renewable energy, including binding national targets for each member state for the latter, and a revision of other pieces of EU legislation in the field of climate and energy are needed by June 2021, they add.

The resolution was adopted with 482 votes for, 136 against and 95 abstentions.

“Parliament overwhelmingly supported the Commission’s proposal on the Green Deal and welcomes the fact that there will be consistency between all European Union policies and the objectives of the Green Deal. Agriculture, trade and economic governance and other policy areas must now be seen and analysed in the context of the Green Deal”, said Pascal Canfin (RE, FR), Chair of the Environment Committee.


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