Bio-economy industry press releases.

Luke Upton

Bio Futura launches a new sustainable tableware line of bio-based ‘durables’

For more than ten years, Bio Futura has been offering a wide range of sustainable alternatives to traditional plastic disposable tableware. Next to that, we are working on circular solutions for our sustainable disposables. In line with our vision and mission, we only offer compostable disposables and packaging made from renewable resources without compromising on quality. Together with our partners and customers we are actively driving the transition towards a low-carbon circular economy by preventing plastic waste.

As Bio Futura is thoughtfully taking actions in this direction and because of strong customer demand, we have recently introduced an additional product line of bio-based reusable durables. The marketplace has finally proven to be ready for sustainable durables. This new product category contributes to phase out single use – oil based – plastics and fits perfectly with our existing philosophy and know-how.

The name of our new product line is Durables, which refers to the durability, reusability and sustainability of the newly released products. We have selected a wonderful line of reusable products based on the highest possible percentage of renewable content. The items are stylish, sturdy, multifunctional and dishwasher-safe. The range of feedstocks includes, but is not limited to, coffee grounds, sea shells, charcoal, sugarcane and bamboo.

The renewable content is very close to 100% and our feasible aim is to reach 100% in the near future. All products are foodsafe and the bioplastic products are completely free of melamine or plasticizers such as BPA and phthalates. The minor part of non-bio-based content is currently still needed for the production and specific properties of this quality multi-use tableware. Our durables can and should be used often and for many years and at the end of their lifecycle either recycled or disposed properly. Further additions to the durables range are already in the works, stay tuned for more!

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