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Luke Upton

ZIVO Bioscience Receives Notice of Allowance for Cytokine Modulation Patent Application From US Patent Office, Commences Bioproduct Scaleup

ZIVO Bioscience, (ZIVO) a biotech/agtech R&D company engaged in the development and commercialization of therapeutic and nutritional products derived from its proprietary algal cultures, announces today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a Notice of Allowance for U.S. Patent application “Compounds and Methods for Affecting Cytokines” (Application Serial No. 16/273,794). A Notice of Allowance precedes the formal issuance of a U.S. patent, which is expected shortly.

In parallel, the Company recently sourced production of its lead immunomodulator complex, first announced in December 2019, to an independent laboratory engaged in commercial scale-up via a fermenter/digestor method similar with the production of insulin or amino acids. Once produced in sufficient quantity, the samples would be validated in vivo and then offered to potential licensees, provided adequate funding is available to do so.

The newly issued patent covers the use of compounds and methods for the treatment of bovine, canine and swine infection or inflammation, including bovine mastitis, by regulation of TNF-a, lactoferrin, IFN-gamma, IL-I beta, serum amyloid-A (SAA), IL-6 and/or beta-defensin associated with infection or an immune response generally. ZIVO’s proprietary composition alters the production and/or function of proteins such as cytokines and transcription factors.

The composition was originally derived from a culture of specific freshwater microorganisms, the isolation of fractions and compounds therefrom, optimization of such compounds, and methods of potentially treating or preventing inflammation and/or diseases such as bovine mastitis, bovine respiratory disease complex, transition cow syndrome, canine osteoarthritis, canine skeletal-muscular overexertion, and which may also be effective in porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus immune disorder (PRRSD).

The newly issued patent is part of a larger, comprehensive IP portfolio strategy that protects various uses and properties demonstrated by the proprietary ZIVO algal culture, derivatives and extracts thereof, and individual molecules further optimized for specific applications. In December 2019, the Company announced the elucidation of an effective immunomodulator candidate and filed a patent application. Based on additional data and observations compiled to date, the Company intends to file an additional four (4) new patent applications in the near term.

With respect to the lead immunomodulator candidate, Company has also launched an extensive validation and manufacturing development initiative during the scale-up process underway to provide potential licensees with a complete intellectual property package, including manufacturing methods, safety profile, efficacy results and extensive molecular modeling, in addition to furnishing product sample for evaluation purposes.

Group Op de Beeck Materials & Treatment and TripleW launch intensive collaboration on the conversion of organic waste into bio-based plastics.                                                       

TripleW, an Israel-based biotech company founded in 2015, has developed a proprietary waste-to-biochemicals production process based on specific microorganisms, allowing the conversion of carbohydrates present in organic waste into lactic acid. Lactic acid is a building block of poly-lactic acid, a bio-based plastic utilised in multiple applications including food and beverage packaging, textiles and car parts. This process has been extensively tested and proven in close collaboration with Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant in Ghent, Belgium (BBEPP).

As market leader in organic waste processing in Europe, Group Op de Beeck Materials & Treatment is an ideal, complementary partner for TripleW’s process scale-up. Over the next 18 months, TripleW will perform various large-scale trials on the processing site of Group Op de Beeck M&T’s processing site in the port of Antwerp, using commercial organic waste volumes as a proof of concept beyond the pilot setting.

Group Op de Beeck is delighted to welcome TripleW on its site to collaborate on these trials and to provide the required organic waste products. As Group Op de Beeck’s green energy production is solely based on organic waste streams and since the company has been intensively focusing on the sustainable, circular valorisation of these organic waste products, the production of bio-based plastic is considered a very valuable addition to the current process.

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