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Luke Upton

Life Size Media, Hyperion Executive Search and Inven Capital have launched Cleantech Heroes, a joint initiative providing free individual consultations to cleantech companies across Europe.

Responses to the coronavirus pandemic have been characterised by solidarity and an unprecedented level of support. That is why, three leading cleantech organisations have assembled to launch the Cleantech Heroes platform. Through this initiative, Life Size, Hyperion Executive Search and Inven Capital will offer their collective expertise to accelerate European cleantech businesses towards their commercial goals.

Life Size, Europe’s cleantech communications agency, will offer consultations to help companies sharpen their value propositions. It will also provide concise analysis into the state of their brands. These insights will ensure that communications are directly aligned with a company’s commercial goals.

Hyperion Executive Search, the global cleantech executive search firm, will assess companies’ existing management teams and provide advice on how to retain and nurture key talent. This will prepare the companies for their go-to-market strategies, internationalisation and successful fundraising.

Inven Capital, the specialist cleantech venture capital fund, will assist companies in understanding the image they portray to investors. This will enable them to refine and improve their fundraising.

Commenting on the launch of the Cleantech Heroes initiative, Alisa Murphy, CEO and Founder of Life Size, said: “Now more than ever, daring entrepreneurs and forward-thinking businesses need to shine a light for others and be champions of cleantech. Through the Cleantech Heroes initiative, we want to put the emphasis on meaningful interactions and offering our expertise for free to companies that really need it.”

David Hunt, CEO of Hyperion Executive Search, commented: “Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen a very positive development beginning to emerge. Both individuals and businesses are doing everything they can to help and support each other. By combining our knowledge, we strengthen cleantech companies and ensure the sector remains prosperous.”

Petr Míkovec, Managing Director at Inven Capital, added: “Cleantech companies need our support now more than ever. The sector is in a unique position to reshape how business is done once we overcome the current pandemic crisis – though only if companies receive the right guidance. Together, we believe in the power and resiliency of cleantech to overcome whatever comes its way.”

Elsewhere, a new Cleantech podcast episode has been launched where Life Size Media CEO Alisa Murphy discusses the launch of the Cleantech Heroes initiative with Hyperion Executive Search’s CEO David Hunt and Petr Mikovec, the Managing Director of Inven Capital:

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