Bio Market Insights Quarterly: Issue #11

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Bio Market Insights Issue #11

Issue #11 – Autumn/Fall 2018. In this edition…

  • The first ‘Cotton + Corn’ shoe from Reebok’s sustainable range hits the shops.
  • Project Focus: How a bio-based solution can solve our plastic tray problem.
  • Change and continuity – the inside story of 10 years of the Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC).
  • Bad news for bio-based chemicals as EU declares that gene editing IS genetic modification.
  • Wanted! Inspirational startups for our 2019 Bio-Stars programmeat World Bio Markets.
  • How an outdoor clothing brand and the Basque cider traditionhave partnered to create natural dyes.
  • The bio-based industries within the revised bioeconomy strategy.
  • How the global heatwave harms agriculture today and creates problems for the bioeconomy tomorrow.
  • Danone, Nestlé Waters and Origin Materials add PepsiCo to partnership developing 100% bio-based bottles.
  • News in brief, and much more…

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