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Blueotter bets on innovation to avoid the need of Planet B.

“…actively looking for investment opportunities in startups, new technologies and innovations.”

Humanity is now facing an unprecedented set of challenge for its survival with massive pollution, destruction of habitats and mass extinction of species and biodiversity, scarceness of resources, extremely destructive natural disasters and storms originated by climate change, and above all the will and power to control and revert the damages and the status quo, write Vanessa Segurado and Pedro Afonso de Paulo – both Executive Directors at Blueotter.

Blueotter is a rapid growing and dynamic group with a young and talented team dedicated to overcoming these challenges and to make decisive contributions necessary to transform how we do business and mitigate the effects of climate change. The shareholder and management team are recognised for bringing ‘young blood’ to the waste sector with focus in environmental compliance, strong management and environmental skills. And they are actively seeking new partnerships in this sector.

Blueotter is the fastest growing industrial waste management group in Portugal, started in 2016 with a Management Buy Out followed by two other corporate acquisitions. The Group manages more than 400,000 tons of waste per year, recycles more than 150,000 tons annually, of which exports over 50,000 tons, operating in ten industrial sites from the North to the South of Portugal including six sorting plants, two RDF production industrial lines, two industrial landfills, coupled with a fleet of approximately 200 trucks and vehicles, including heavy equipment, employing 700 workers, delivering a total turnover of €45m and €8M EBITDA.

All acquisitions were turned around successfully within six months after and the group is focused on excelling waste management best practices, bringing the latest innovations to the sector and helping accelerate the implementation of solutions to climate change.

Blueotter manages all kinds of non-hazardous waste including cardboard, metals, glass, construction and demolition of waste, plastics, organic waste and RDF. The group integrates the entire waste value chain from the waste producers to the final treatment, covering the activities of collection, sorting, recycling, RDF production, sewage services, urban waste collection, organic waste valorization, biogas valorization and landfill.

Blueotter intends to find ways to rapidly increase recycling potential and circular economy by bringing solutions to the sector since climate change is urgent and requires collaboration and new approaches expecting to be key a player enabling the implementation of technologies and innovation that could help disrupt the waste sector and rapidly increase sorting, recycling, circular economy, decrease elimination and landfill of valuable resources.

The waste sector has several intrinsic challenges that are key challenges to rapid change and standardisation of solutions, namely the mixture of different wastes at the point of production (citizens, companies, shopping centers, restaurants), which fosters the need to find solutions to transform waste into different forms of energy or material without previous sorting of waste streams and fractions.

This challenge is leveraged by the highly regulated environment of the waste sector, where the IT or treatment solution in one country may not apply in another country because regulation differs and originates different waste compositions from country to country or over time.

Blueotter Group is actively looking for investment opportunities in startups, new technologies and innovations that could help disrupt the waste sector, increasing recycling rates, decreasing green gas emission or improving the efficiency of waste management. These opportunities include; investing in startups, implementing new solutions recently coming to the market in current operations. participating in pilot projects or proofs of concept, partnering with other companies/players bringing new technologies, processes and innovation to the market; help universities with research and developing R&D projects.

Blueotter Group are a Gold Sponsor of World Bio Markets 2020 (November 2-4, Amsterdam) and click here to learn more about them. 

This feature originally appeared in Issue #17 of the Bio Market Insights Quarterly.

Guest posts do not necessarily reflect the views of Bio Market Insights editorial team and management.

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