Rosie Nixon

What do we have planned for the rest of 2020?

Contact to learn more or if you would like to be featured.

5th – Webinar slot available

17th – Spotlight Week: Bio-based chemical recycling

19th – WBM Connect Broadcast #6: Circular economy and the role of the bioeconomy in making products more sustainable.

26th – UPM webinar (title tbc) 

2ndWebinar slot available

9th – HTE webinar: How high throughput technology will accelerate your R&D in the conversion of renewables.

14th – Spotlight Week: Get ready for World Bio Markets 

16th – WBM Connect Broadcast #7: Biorefineries – selecting the correct model for partners and success.

17th – Webinar slot available

23rd – Futurity webinar: From New Zealand to the World – the bio-logical (international) approach to making wood based chemicals a market reality.

30th – Blue Otter webinar (title tbc)

1stWebinar slot available

7thWebinar slot available

14th – WBM Connect Broadcast #8: The next generation of sustainable and biobased materials and textiles.

15th – Axens webinar (title tbc)

21st – De Smet Engineers & Contractors webinar (title tbc)

26th –  Spotlight Week: Compostable packaging

28th – Axens webinar (title tbc)

2nd – World Bio Markets and SynBio Markets + Quarterly Issue #19

11thWebinar slot available

18thWebinar slot available

25thWebinar slot available

14th – Spotlight Week: The best of the bioeconomy in 2020

We are also now taking bookings for 2021.  Contact us to enquire about availability.

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