Editorial Calendar 2019

Luke Upton

What have we got planned for 2019? Contact Editor@BioMarketInsights.com to learn more or if you’d like to be be featured. 

Month Newsletter Quarterly Reports Webinars White Papers
January Friday 18th
February Friday 1st

Friday 15th

The new wave in bio-based materials: maximum value from lignin with industry-specific fractions.26th February.
March Friday 15th

Friday 29th

Issue #13.

Special printed edition also distributed at World Bio Markets.

#1 Introducing bio-based and sustainable components to long-standing supply chains

21st March

#1 Space Reserved for White Paper

6th March



Friday 5th

Friday 26th

#2 Space Reserved for White Paper

10th April

May Friday 10th

Friday 24th


Bringing synthetic biology innovations to commercial scale.


30th May

June Friday 7th

Friday 21st

Issue 14.

Deadline for content / adverts: 7th


Publication date: Week commencing 17th


#3 Space Reserved for White Paper 5th June
July Friday 5th

Friday 19th

#4 Space Reserved for White Paper

17th July

August Friday 2nd

Friday 16th

Friday 30th

Report Deadline: The next generation of technologies and tactics for scale up.

Deadline for content and adverts: Friday 16th August.

Published week commencing: Monday 26th August.

September Friday 13th

Friday 27th

Issue #15. Deadline for content / adverts: Friday 30th August.


Publication date: Week commencing September 9th


Webinar: Overcoming process engineering challenges.15th September.

Webinar: Synthetic Biology commercialisation

22nd September.

October Friday 11th

Friday 25th

Report Deadline Friday 11th October: The feedstocks powering the bio-economy revolution.

Report Published: Week commencing 21st October.

#4 AVAILABLE. Overcoming process engineering challenges.

6th October

#5 Space Reserved for White Paper

16th October

November Friday 8th

Friday 22nd

Issue #16. Deadline for content / adverts: November 1st


Publication date: Week commencing November 18th.


#5 The World Bio Markets Outlook 2020


27th November


Bioprocess Pilot Facility B.V.

Bio Process Plant – Key steps and processes for successful scale up and growth.

20th November

December Friday 6th

Friday 20th – *End of Year Special*

#6 Space Reserved for White Paper

4th December

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