Editorial Calendar 2020

Luke Upton

What have we got planned for 2020? Contact Editor@BioMarketInsights.com to learn more or if you’d like to be be featured. 

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Friday 10th
Friday 24th
Friday 7th
Friday 21st Issue #17 Deadline 28th Debottlenecking Biorefineries – Solutions for Economic Feasibility. MetGen Webinar
Friday 6th
Friday 20th Issue #17 – published.
Friday 3rd
Friday 17th
29th April.     Mega trends – a snapshot of the bioeconomy in 2020.  
Friday 1st
Friday 8th – SynBio Special
Friday 15th
20th May. Scale Up 1: Alternative Feedstocks and waste streams – powering the bioeconomy. Bio-based textiles (18th -22nd )
Friday 29th
Friday 5th – Brands Special
10th June. Sustainable Brands 1: Greening your Supply Chain – overcoming key challenges
Friday 12th Issue #18 – Deadline 12th
Friday 26th Issue #18 – Publication 22nd  Webinar #3
 W/C 29th June. Markets 1: Better industry applications from bio-based solutions. Feedstocks (29th –3rd )
Wednesday 1st July Markets 1: Better industry applications from bio-based solutions
Friday 10th
Wednesday 22nd July. Keynote 2: Finance and investments –what’s right for you? Outdoor clothing and apparel (13th – 17th)
Friday 24th
Friday 31st – SynBio Special
Friday 7th
Friday 14th – Brand Special
Wednesday 19th August. Sustainable Brands 2: Circular Economy and the role of the bioeconomy in making products more sustainable. Chemical recycling (17th – 21st)
Friday 21st
Friday 4th Webinar #4
Friday 11th – SynBio Special.
16th September Scale Up 2: Biorefineries – selecting the correct model and partners for success. WBM Preview (14th  -18th)
Friday 18th
Friday 2nd Issue #19 – Deadline 2nd.
Friday 9 – Brand Special
14th October. Markets 2: The next generation of sustainable and biobased materials and textiles
Friday 16th
Friday 23rd – SynBio Special
Friday 30th Webinar #5
Friday 6th Issue #19 – Published 2nd.
W/C 16th November. Bio-based COP-26 results. (16th – 20th )
Friday 20th Webinar #6
Friday 27th – Brand Special.
Friday 4th
Friday 11th
W/C 14th December. Bio-based & sustainable packaging (14th-18th)
Friday 18th – Special end of the year edition

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