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European bio-economy boosted as regional clusters join to form 3BI.

3BI logo (Bio-Based World News)A new collaboration between regional clusters is aiming to boost the European bio-based economy. Leading bio-economy clusters in the Netherlands, France, the UK and Germany have joined forces as the 3BI intercluster Brokering Bio-Based Innovation. Their goal is to support European companies to access important new markets based on renewable raw materials more successfully.

3BI is a strategicEuropean partnership that builds on the complementary strengths of four regional innovation clusters: Biobased Delta (South-western Netherlands), BioEconomy (Central Germany), BioVale (North-eastern England) and Industries & Agro Ressources (Champagne-Ardenne and Picardie regions, France). All four clusters use biorefining to convertbiological resources intomaterials,chemicals, fuels, food and feed. Announced at Octobers 8th Annual European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB) in Brussels, they intend to work together in the research, development and deployment of novel high-tech approaches to the conversion of biomass and waste streams into value-added products and applications.


With the production of renewable biological resources and their conversion into every day products the bioeconomy is creating new markets for innovative products across the globe. European companies need support if they are to access these important new markets successfully. The formation of the 3BI intercluster represents a common intention to explore business linkages between the clusters and their members. 3BI will help European companies to make the most of new markets and new opportunities from the bioeconomy. The 3BI partners focus on growth, innovation and smart specialisation of their regions. Their goal is to promote sustainable solutions for lower carbon footprint and to substitute fossil raw materials in industrial scale.

Signing Ceremony at the EFIB Forum pictured above: Horst Mosler (Cluster Manager BioEconomy Cluster), Dr. Ir. Willem Sederel (CEO Biobased Delta), Dr. Joe Ross (Director BioVale Cluster), Prof. Dr. Matthias Zscheile (Chairman BioEconomy Cluster), Rop Zoetemeyer (Biobased Delta), Thierry Stadler (President IAR Cluster).

“The necessity for companies to use green raw materials and make their process technologies more sustainable, is a daily priority. For several years Biobased Delta has been working on international collaboration with leading regions in the world. Therefore I am very pleased with the establishment of 3BI as a European intercluster for long lasting collaboration with the leading clusters in the UK, Germany and France. This will boost durable business opportunities for the next decades.
Dr. Ir. Willem Sederel, Biobased Delta (Netherlands)

“The bioeconomy not only helps to significantly reduce our society’s carbon foot-print, but provides a lot of opportunities for new markets and high-value products andlinks the European agriculture and forestry to processing industries like chemicals, automotive or plastics. To combine the power of four of theleading bioeconomy regions within 3BI will strengthen the leadership of the European Union in a future economy based on renewable resources.
Prof. Dr. Matthias Zscheile, BioEconomy (Germany)

The 3BI intercluster will strengthen European collaboration and innovation and help European SMEs to create globally competitive products and services for the bioeconomy. Dr Joe Ross, BioVale (UK)

Over the next decades, the bioeconomy will play an increasingly important role in boosting Europes economy by revitalising rural areas while providing more growth and jobs. IAR has been deeply involved from the beginning in the establishment of 3BI. We are glad to launch the intercluster today as we believe it will foster collaborations between European staceholders and contribute to make Europe the world leading bioeconomy region. Thierry Stadler, IAR (France)

For more on the 3BI intercluster click here

Those clusters in full…

Biobased Delta
Biobased Delta is an open innovation cluster based on a successful cross-over between
the agro and chemistry sector with a focus on green feedstock, agro & food waste streams, green building blocks, such as bio-aromatics and functional molecules, and sustainable process technology.

BioEconomy Cluster
BioEconomy Cluster is an open innovation cluster that focuses on the material use of
renewable, lignocellulosic feedstock for innovative products and timber constructions,
basic chemicals, plastics, biobased composites, automotive lightweight parts, packaging
components and bioenergy.

BioVale is an open innovation cluster that draws together Yorkshire and the Humbers strengths of world-class research, industry and agriculture to facilitate innovation with a particular focus on valorisation of biowastes, high value chemicals from plant and microbes, lignocellulosic fuels and chemicals and agri-tech innovation.

Industries & Agro-Ressources (IAR)
IAR is an innovative cluster, bringing together stakeholders from the entire value
chain (agriculture, agro, chemistry and materials industries) and developing cooperative
R&I projects with industrial applications ( 1.4 bn invested in the last 10 years), focusing mostly on four strategic areas: advanced biofuels, bio-chemicals, bio-materials and ingredients (food, feed). IAR is a major development player in the European bioeconomy, with a leading role in the European Bio-Based Industries PPP (BBI).


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