Focus on certification and standardisation in the bio-economy.

Luke Upton

In September in Amsterdam we held our World Bio Markets and SynBio Markets steering committees and both groups strongly identified certification and standardisation as one of the primary challenges facing the growth of the bio-economy. The transformation of an economy, requires new mechanisms to establish and monitor safeguards for a sustainable growth on both a national and international level.

Fundamentally, regulation is key to the success or failure of any new innovation, whether it be industry or consumer facing. But the companies requiring clarity and assistance in this field do not always have the time or expertise to fully explore and comprehend what they require or what is required of them.

Our community are looking for information on this area along with the companies who can support them in their goals. Can you help?

In response to this demand, we are placing an editorial focus on this area at the start of 2020.

Our special editorial focus will include:

  • A special report, Certification and Standardisation in the bio-economy: an expert guide, which will be shared with our community of over 50,000. (Deadline for content – Friday 17th January, published week commencing Monday 27th
  • webinar on the subject and that will be viewed live and on demand by our readers and partners around the world.
  • A section of Issue #17 of the Bio Market Insights Quarterly devoted to showcasing the best companies and technologies for this area (Deadline for content – Friday 21st  February. Published week commencing 13th March).

What will the report focus on? 

  • Practical, real world advice and guidance for companies to progress their certification.
  • How certification and standardisation can help support sustainability.
  • A look at navigating mount of existing certification frameworks, criteria, indicators and standards.
  • A focus on different interpretations , per industry, product and country.
  • Case studies on how companies have promoted their newly certified status once agreed.

 Opportunities available:

  • Sponsor the report to stand out as a specialist in this field. Demonstrate thought leadership through a feature in the report and receive high quality leads for all report downloads.
  • Host a webinar. Engage directly with, and receive leads for a very specific target group who are seeking your expertise.
  • Submit and whitepaper to showcase your knowledge and proficiency on a specific subject.
  • Provide an advert for the report to increase awareness of your company and services.

Our most recent report was The next generation of technologies and tactics for scale-up. 

The most recent edition of the Quarterly is Issue #15. 

Would you like to learn more about being a part of this certification and standardisation in the bio-economy. editorial focus? Then fill in the form below and we’ll share some more information with you, alternately contact our editor / +44 (0) 7856831674.


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