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Influential association urges ambitious revision of EU bioeconomy strategy.

 Distribution of forest areas in Europe. Forest resources cover about one third (Map courtesy of  Publications Office of the European Union) Following last weeks EU Bioeconomy Policy Day, EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries which represents 79 corporate and associate members and bio-regions, and 17 national biotechnology associations has issued a call for an ambitious revision of the European Bioeconomy Strategy. Such a revision, they argue would help tackle climate change and meet the needs of a growing population whilst boosting Europes resource efficiency, competitiveness and long-term economic growth.

To achieve this, the revision must put in place a coherent and holistic policy and financial framework to support access to sustainably produced biomass, foster investments and further develop the market for bio-based products, said Joanna Dupont Inglis, EuropaBios Director for Industrial Biotech and Cross-Sector Strategy.

Since the launch of the 3.7 billion Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertakingand the Investment Plan for Europe in 2014, there have been major advances in bio-based innovation.

But the Brussels based association, believes they are yet to see impactful progress on commercialisation of bio-based products.

To overcome this hurdle and fulfil the bioeconomys potential for Europes competitiveness and growth, a revised EU Bioeconomy Strategy they state should address:

  • Biomass: Circular bio-economy should be an integral part of EU-level frameworks and policies;
  • Investment: Increase funding and improve coherence of financing mechanisms for the circular bio-economy;
  • Investment: Secure the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) 2.0;
  • Markets: Incentives for bio-based products in strategic sectors;
  • Markets: Promote bio-based products visibility to stimulate market demand.

As the voice of the industrial biotechnology industry in Europe, which is predicted to contribute between 57. 5 billion and 99,5 billion and well above 1 million jobs to the EU economy by 2030, EuropaBio is a fully committed partner in this discussion through platforms including:

The European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel and its work on the development of a Bioeconomy Manifesto, chaired by Joanna Dupont-Inglis, Director for Industrial Biotechnology and Cross Sector Strategy at EuropaBio

The European Commission Expert Group for Bio-based Products through its recommendations for a revision of the Bioeconomy Strategy

The European Bioeconomy Alliance and its policy asks for a Bioeconomy strategy revision

EuropaBios recommendations for a world leading EU bio-economy and other contributions to ongoing debates about the future of the bio-economy.

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