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Rosie Nixon


What these are: Bio Market Insights has a calendar of industry reports  focused on the key topics and big issues needed to drive forward the commercialisation of the bio-economy. More than just technical studies, they bring real world expertise and insight direct to our community they will be a crucial in filling a major knowledge gap on our industry.

How we work with you: Become a sponsor, contributor or advertiser within a report to ensure your place as a leader in these highly focused areas. Work in partnership with our experienced editorial team to create content that truly delivers. Once published they will be promoted extensively across our channels and through our social media ensuing a truly global reach.

What you get: As a guide sponsor you position yourself a major influencer in this area. Plus we provide opted-in and highly engaged leads. To download we require full contact details, we can then share these contacts with you to contact directly. Like with our white papers, we have a pricing structure that eliminates the risk of you investing.

Our next report: The Next Generation of Technologies and Tactics for Scale Up.

Our latest report: Bringing synthetic biology innovations to commercial scale.

White Papers

What these are: If you have a white paper or piece of research that you want to share with a larger audience and generate relevant and guaranteed opted-in leads then this is for you. These are authoritative documents that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the authors philosophy to the issue.

How we work with you: Written by you, with input and possibly design from the Bio Market Insights team, it would be published on our portal, and supported by an editorial feature. It is then promoted across our portfolio, and through our social media channels.

What you get: As the author of a white paper you instantly mark yourself as an expert in this area, and a key source of authoritative information on this topic. For a download to be accepted we require full contact details, and we are able to tailor and add any questions required on the form. Once downloaded, we can share their contact details with you for your sales team to follow-up on. With our pricing structure, we take away the risk for you and guarantee a return on investment.

Read our latest White Paper – Communicating the bio-based content of products in the EU and the US.

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