Our next report – Bringing synthetic biology innovations to commercial scale.

Luke Upton

Synthetic biology is capable of delivering new answers to key commercial and sustainability questions within the bio-economy. There are already a number of synbio innovations that have successfully come to market and are being deployed in industry verticals around the world. To name but a few we now have synthetic organisms providing nitrogen to plant roots and reducing the need for fertilizers, lab made vegan burgers that taste and look like meat ones, mosquitoes designed to breed infertile offspring to control the Zika epidemic and stronger-than-steel synthetic spider silk used in clothing and even aeronautics.

But as a still emerging industry, the path from lab to market, is a difficult one with a host of scientific, organisational, business and financial challenges that need to be overcome to secure commercial successful.

In our latest report, the second in our series focussed on the hottest areas of the bio-economy, we have engaged with the synthetic biology community to bring our readers insights and exclusives from those who have successfully brought their synthetic biology innovations to commercial scale.

Our aim is not just to bring you not theory and concepts but real-world insights from companies succeeding in the exciting world and rapidly emerging world of synthetic biology.

We are now actively seeking contributors, so if you:

  • Have a great synthetic biology success story to tell – your product has journeyed from lab to market.
  • Are delivering projects designed for end markets in agriculture, industrial chemicals, therapeutics and medicine, food , textiles and apparel and aquaculture.
  • Your organisation helps support the growth of others (through practical, engineering , financial or professional services).

We’d like to hear from you!

Contact the Editor of the report – Luke@BioMarketInsights.com or fill in this form and one of the team will contact you.

Deadline for content:  Friday 31st May

Published: Week commencing 10th June.

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