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Bio Market Insights Quarterly Issue #16 is now published!

“There’s a lot of hype when it comes to new technologies, people jump on a particularly speculative aspect and run with it. So you have to cut through all that. A proposed technology has to be philosophically and ethically desirable. If we take synthetic biology as an example, the future of nature should not be defined simply by what is possible.”

Welcome to Bio Market Insights Quarterly Issue #16  your dedicated global guide to the latest news and essential business developments for bio-based and sustainable chemicals, materials and products and the brands that purchase, use and sell the plus a focus on the role of the circular economy and synthetic biology in the emerging bio-economy.

The quote above is from Christopher Preston, author and professor of Philosophy, Fellow at Program on Ethics and Public Affairs, University of Montana and the subject of this issue’s headliner interviews. In an exclusive discussion, he talks to us about our moving into a new geological epoch, ‘the Anthropocene’, looks at the ethical and environmental opportunities and challenges around new technologies and offers his view on maintaining morale in times of climate change crisis.

Bio Market Insights Quarterly Issue #16 includes these features, so download now.

  • Headliner: Christopher Preston, author and professor of Philosophy, Fellow at Program on Ethics and Public Affairs, University of Montana
  • Expert view: Challenges in communicating synthetic biology.
  • World’s first bio-based faux fur delivered by DuPont-Stella McCartney partnership.
  • Covestro is heading in the ‘right direction’ to establish circularity, CEO says.
  • 5 Minutes With…Seiji Hirasaki from OriCiro Genomics.
  • LanzaTech and partners debut products made from recycled industrial pollution.
  • Producers should promote bio-based plastics that can be recycled and not compostables, FEAD states.
  • The Last Word with… Davide De Lucrezia, Explora Biotech.
  • News In Brief and much more…

The previous issue of the Bio Market Insights Quarterly can be downloaded here.

The next issue, #17 (March 2020) will be both digital and printed and distributed at World Bio Markets 2020, contact to find out more.

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