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Join Ford Motor Company and Goodyear Tires to discuss achieving sustainability and performance with soybeans.

Join us on the 30th September for an exclusive new webinar focussing on the opportunity and potential around achieving sustainability and performance with soybeans. As sustainability moves from the boardroom to the manufacturing floor, more company leaders are ramping up efforts to integrate renewable feedstocks. They are looking beyond just a green play and this broadcast will bring direct to your desk some of the biggest names in industry detailing how they have made their green changes.

Companies want to improve performance, reduce costs and score other strategic advantages. And U.S. Soybeans are a compelling solution, with more than 80 years of commercialisation success, certified sustainably grown, yield an abundant supply to the world of quality non-food soybean oil for industrial use and are moved worldwide via a robust supply chain developed over the past 40 years.

As important, U.S. Soybean oil delivers performance advantages built on its unique chemical structure. Market leaders including Ford Motor Company, Sherwin-Williams, Rust-Oleum, John Deere, Columbia Forest Products and Goodyear have all realised better products from better chemistry with U.S. Soy.

We invite you to this webinar to learn how U.S. Soybeans will help you meet your sustainability and commercialisation goals. The webinar will cover case studies and include speakers from Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Ford Motor Company and Omni Tech International on behalf of the United Soybean Board.

Register now for: Sustainability + Enhanced Product Performance: Achieving Both with U.S. Soy. ( 30th September 2020 – 6AM (PDT), 9AM (EDT), 2PM (BST), 3PM (CEST) and on-demand) and will include the following presentations focussing on sustainability and performance with soybeans.

  • “Goodyear Soybean Oil Technology: Performance & Sustainability Driving Demand for Goodyear Products.”  Robert A. Woloszynek, Chief Engineer, Polymer Science and Technology, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.
  •  “Sustainable Materials at Ford” Janice Tardiff, Supervisor, Advanced Polymer Materials and Processing, Ford Motor Company.
  •  “U.S. Soy Sustainability.”  Lee Walko, Biobased Business Development Director, Omni Tech International on behalf of the United Soybean Board.
  •  “Better Products from Better Chemistry: Improving Performance with Soy.”  Richard Heggs, Director of Business Development, Omni Tech International on behalf of the United Soybean Board.

Register now!

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