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Rosie Nixon

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Issue #12 – Winter 2018/19. Issue #12In this edition…

  • Recycled, reused or composted – Danone announce trio of actions to be fully circular by 2025.
  • Project focus: Creating high purity lignin and affordable platform chemicals from wood-based sugars.
  • The green revolution will be blue: Harvesting algae for the bio-economy.
  • Nobel nod for the green pioneer behind ‘directed evolution enzymes’.
  • Brands: A pragmatic approach to bio-based chemicals.
  • It’s official! Braskem’s carbon negative claims for its bio-based plastic are approved.
  • Bio-based a possible solution to Mastercard’s search for more sustainable bank cards.
  • The Last Word with… Sandy Marshall, Executive Director, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada.
  • News in brief, and much more…

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