Market Meetups

The digital meeting service for the global bioeconomy

Market Meetups connect thousands of innovators, upstream and downstream partners, investors, consumer brands and the wider bio ecosystem via a programme of pre-scheduled meetings, closed-door industry conversations, and exclusive on-demand content.

Our community of 60k bio professionals has told us that what they need more than events is a place facilitating international business connections.

What are they?

A Market Meetup is a digital meeting service connecting you with your next customer, supplier, or partner. Register for the Meetup, access the platform one month before the Meetup, and then through a combination of AI and our human meeting planners your Meetup diary is complete with pre-arranged, match-made digital meetings with your target profiles.


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2021December 1st and 2nd

World Bio Market Meetup

A digital meeting place for a global bioeconomy 60k strong, connecting bio-based businesses with an international audience of producers, brands, buyers, investors, manufacturers, and researchers.

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How to Access Meetings 

By registering for the Meetup you’ll access the meeting software and schedule meetings with your target market anywhere in the world. All meetings are mutual and pre-arranged to your timetable. With a suite of simple tools, an intuitive meeting-planner, targeted recommendations, personal introductions and a selection of on-demand programs it’s never been easier to do bio-based business.

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Premium Access

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Watch, browse, and download on-demand exclusive content




Join live industry conversations




Access the meeting planner – 2 Free Meetings




Schedule up to 20 pre-arranged 30 mins meetings with international customers, suppliers, and investors



Company profile, advertising and content sharing




Registration Only



*Our relationship managers follow up on all outstanding meeting requests and can help design a tailor-made agenda of meetings with your target audience

How it works (Quick Steps)

  • Register your profile for free and receive a login link

  • Select the profiles and people you would like to meet

  • Send personalised meeting requests linked to your meeting planner*

  • During Market Meetup take your pre-arranged meetings with one click

  • Browse, stream and download exclusive on-demand content as you please

  • First two meetings are free. Premium access must be purchased for more meetings