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Neste and IKEA teaming up on bio-based plastics and seeking further partners.

Neste and IKEA teaming up on bio-based plastics and seeking further partners. A big story today, with two Scandinavian giants, Neste and IKEA joining forces with a new initiative in in renewable, bio-based materials, and inviting other companies to join the project. The partnership between Finnish based Neste, and Swedish based global retail giant, IKEA includes the production of plastics and other materials utilizing Neste’s renewable solutions in polymer production. The partnership combines IKEA’s commitment to reduce their dependence on virgin fossil based materials and Neste’s expertise in renewable solutions. The companies aim to produce plastics and other materials that are used today, but instead replacing virgin fossil feedstock with renewable or recycled waste and residue raw materials.

The companies will work with a number of partners in the supply chain. Partners are provided with an opportunity to address the growing market for bio-based products while utilizing their existing production assets.

“We are very pleased to form a partnership with IKEA. IKEA’s commitment to initiate a change in the industry is an extremely important step in redefining how materials will be made and how raw materials are used in the near future. IKEA and Neste, together with partners, can enable the production of bio-based plastics that are produced from waste and residues of the customers’ preference and choice, can be produced with the existing production assets, are fully compatible with customers’ needs, and are recyclable in the current plastics pool. We are proud to work with IKEA on the initiative”, says Tuomas Hyyrylinen, SVP, Strategy and New Ventures at Neste ( @nestecorp).

“IKEA wants to contribute to a transformational change in the industry and to the development of plastics made from recycled or renewable sources. In line with our goals, we are moving away from virgin fossil-based plastic materials in favor of plastic produced from more sustainable recycled or renewable sources such as waste and residues, not using palm oil and it’s derivatives as feedstock”, says Lena Pripp-Kovac, Sustainability Manager, at IKEA (@IKEA)of Sweden.

Alejandra Noren,Head of New Ventures at Neste is an expert speaker and conducting a ‘fire-side chat’ with Bio-Based World News Editor Luke Upton atBio-Based Livein San Francisco onSeptember 26-27 2016, and will be joining fellow experts including representatives from P&G, Matter Unlimited, Genomatica, Anellotech,Korres Natural Products,Braskem,Allbirds and many more, only a limited number of tickets left!And remember brands go free!

“We believe that working with Neste will open up an important pathway towards industrializing the production of plastics from more sustainable feedstock”, says Camilla Rst, Material and Innovation Development Manager, at IKEA.

The companies invite others to join the initiative. Neste and IKEA’s target is to produce the first proof-of-concept during 2017.

Furthermore, the companies expect to widen their cooperation towards new, novel technologies and other opportunities.IKEA wants to have a positive impact on people and planet, which includes taking a lead in turning waste into resources, developing reverse material flows for waste materials and ensuring key parts of IKEA’s range are easily recycled.

IKEA’s long-term ambition is for the plastic material used in their home furnishing products to be renewable or recycled material. The company is starting with their home furnishing plastic products, representing about 40% of the total plastic volume used in the IKEA range.

This partnership between two industry heavy-weights is further indication of the importance of the bio-economy for large consumer brands.

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