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New online marketplace for organic resources launched in the UK.

BioTrading-450Are you looking for 6,000 tonnes of compost?

Or how about 26 tonnes of non- animal and vegetable waste perfect for anaerobic digestion?

Well, if so, you want to be heading over to BioTrading, a new online trading platform launched by Veolia where you can purchase both of those with just a few clicks of a mouse. Designed to make it easier to buy and sell organic resources, BioTrading will provide businesses the opportunity to better leverage the 100 million tonnes of raw materials and biofuels produced in the UK every year. Connecting buyers with the rest of the value chain it will find the best deal for their organic resource needs, recycling them into new products or green energy.

This is a long overdue development, as unlike other parts of the economy, there is no price comparison or trading platform for organic resources and buyers and sellers currently waste time and money navigating a confusing marketplace. By dealing directly, the website will aim to enable sellers to get a good price for their product and gain maximum value from their waste and process by-products, and buyers will benefit from having access to a central platform boasting transparent and fair prices.

Commenting on the launch of the website Raquel Carrasco, Organics and Technology Director at Veolia UK said: Our new BioTrading website is the missing link for the UKs organic resources and represents a real step forward in innovation. By operating as an agile trading platform it is a financial and environmental win-win for both buyer and seller. For the UK, it means more waste can be turned back into resources, boosting sustainability, delivering value and promoting a more circular economy.

The service is aimed at anyone who has resources, or requires them, such as farming, water, construction, food and drink, anaerobic digestion, and the biodiesel and bioethanol industry. A wide range of resources will be made available on the website including food waste, food for redistribution, industrial organic by-products, agricultural wastes, biodiesel and bioethanol residues, sewage and industrial sludge and wood. To ease logistics buyers can also make use of compliant haulage services if required.

Organic material in the below categories can be listed for sale or auction on BioTrading.

  • Food for redistribution
  • Food waste
  • Packaged industrial organic by-products
  • Non-packaged industrial organic by-products
  • Agricultural waste
  • Residues or by-products from biodiesel and bio-ethanol plants
  • Sewage sludge and industrial sludge
  • Waste wood
  • Green waste
  • Other organic resource or waste

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