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Synthetic Biology Technology

New report: Bringing synthetic biology innovations to commercial scale.

“My lab is developing engineered organisms to solve problems.”

Within scientific labs, in the shadow of researchers, inside start-up offices across the globe a synthetic biology revolution is gaining momentum. Synthetic biology involves redesigning organisms for useful purposes by engineering them to have new abilities. This exciting area is worth covering as it has become increasingly prevalent in the modern world and this is why Bio Market Insights has focused our second report on this topic.

According to the United Nations, the world’s population will grow to around 8.5 billion in 2030. At the moment, it stands at 6.5 billion. This will mean more people using more energy and water. So, there will be a real urgency to use all the tools at our disposal to help with these challenges. Synthetic biology can play a vital role here. By engineering organisms for new purposes, scientists can produce new food, fuels, drugs and chemicals for beneficial reasons.

In fact, synthetic biology researchers and companies around the world are already harnessing the power of nature to solve problems in medicine, manufacturing and agriculture. And, a number of companies have successfully brought their synthetic biology innovations to commercial scale, which we cover in this report.

This focus on the commercial development of synthetic biology is at the heart of our next conference ‘SynBio Markets’ coming to Berlin in November.

Our report takes a look at the key issues and some of the companies leading in the synthetic biology field. So, please download today!

Read: Bringing synthetic biology innovations to commercial scale


  • Researcher conducts gene-editing experiments on sugarcane
  • Lab-grown headphones made from fungus unveiled in Finland
  • Plastic-digesting enzyme produced to help bio-recycling loop
  • Synthetic biology start-up receives private equity investment boost
  • Zymergen teams up with Sumitomo to drive development of new materials
  • Drug-producing bacteria engineered using synthetic biology
  • Synthetic biology used to target cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue
  • Biosecurity tool launched to detect engineered organisms in the wild

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