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New report: The next generation of technologies and tactics for scale-up.

It’s not always so easy for companies to scale-up and take their innovations to market. Successfully scaling an invention requires expertise in areas far beyond technology and science.

While the accelerating pace of scale up of some bioeconomy-based companies is encouraging, there are many hurdles that still have to be jumped over.

But as the bioeconomy grows, we are seeing more of these barriers to growth fall away.

In our latest report, the third in our series focused on the bioeconomy, we provide you with an analysis of the next generation of technologies and successful tactics for scale-up. We hope that this report can help shine a light on some of the best technologies, solutions and approaches you can use to help you successfully scale-up. So, please click on the link below and download today!

Read: The next generation of technologies and tactics for scale up

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