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New ‘sustainable’ yarn developed in Sweden.

“Hemp and flax are two of the most durable fibres available and both have very good properties for yarn spinning.”

A new yarn based on recycled textiles and natural fibres has been developed at the Swedish School of Textiles at the Swedish University of Borås by an exchange student and technology specialists.

Maud Kuppen, a student at based at Netherlands-headquartered Saxion University, developed the sustainable yarn when she studied at the University of Borås.

“Sustainability is a major problem in the textile industry and as a textile engineer I feel a responsibility to do something about it,” Kuppen said.

According to the University of Borås (@hogskolanibor), to spin the yarn, Kuppen used a popular method of yarn spinning called ring spinning. This creates a strong and soft yarn of high quality.

Katarina Lindström Ramamoorthy, a doctoral student in the research group Advanced Textile Constructions and supervisor to Kuppen, said: “When recycling yarn, the textile fibres become shortened due to the friction in the recycling process, which makes it difficult to manufacture recycled yarn with ring spinning as this technique requires long fibres.

“That’s why we came up with the idea of using lubricants to reduce the friction in the process, and this resulted in the fibres’ becoming longer.”

Kuppen became interested in the research group’s work on recycled yarn fibres and began to investigate which materials would work best for ring spinning a durable yarn.

She explained: “The goal was to produce a yarn with as much recycled fibre as possible. Unfortunately, it is not possible to spin a yarn of 100% recycled material; the recycled fibres must be mixed with longer fibres.

“Hemp and flax are two of the most durable fibres available and both have very good properties for yarn spinning. That’s why I tried different mixtures to see which mixture of recycled fibres, cotton, and linen worked best.”

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