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Nouryon unveils ‘sustainable’ dispersant for agricultural formulations

Speciality chemicals company Nouryon has introduced a multi-purpose, biodegradable dispersant which it claims can replace less sustainable products in water-based crop protection and seed-treatment formulations. Agrilan1015 is a sustainable alternative to existing dispersants that are facing increasing scrutiny from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and other regulatory bodies for their environmental effects.

Dispersants are essential ingredients used in agricultural formulations to help active ingredients dissolve more easily in a given solution. However, existing products such as those based on tristyrenated phenol (TSP), are not biodegradable and persist in the environment.

“Our customers are demanding more sustainable dispersant solutions for their agricultural formulations,” said Ignacio Garin, Vice President Agricultural Specialties at Nouryon (@Nouryon). “ECHA has determined that TSP-based dispersants are non-biodegradable and persistent in the environment, which will likely require that formulators limit or completely eliminate their use.”

Garin added that agricultural customers in Asia provided positive feedback on Agrilan 1015 following a limited introduction of the product there, paving the way for a global launch.

“Today’s farmers are constantly challenged by having to produce more crops with fewer resources,” said Larry Ryan, Executive Vice President and President of Performance Formulations and the Americas at Nouryon. “By listening to the needs of our customers, we have successfully developed and introduced a new solution that is not only better for the environment, but also for the future of agriculture.”

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