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Outdoor giants give green light to PrimaLoft’s biodegradable insulation and performance fabric.

PrimaLoft fibre production (picture courtesy of PrimaLoft).This is not a promotion of discarding garments prematurely or without serious regard. Rather, this is about providing a Relentlessly Responsible solution for the inevitable end-life of a garment when the time eventually comes.

US advanced materials technology company PrimaLoft has announced that five outdoor brands have backed its biodegradable insulation and performance fabric – PrimaLoft Bio. The first adopters include Scandinavian outdoor brands Houdini, Helly Hansen, and Norrna. It also includes US brand L.L. Bean and German mountain sports brand Vaude.

Weve collaborated with a community of brands that share our common sustainability values and goals, said PrimaLoft president and CEO, Mike Joyce.

He added: It is a privilege to introduce PrimaLoft Bio with these respected partners all of whom provided invaluable insight and feedback on this technology. Together, we are establishing a new industry standard for environmentally-conscious product design, sustainability best practices and transparency, to meet consumer demand.

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, PrimaLoft Bio (@PrimaLoft) fibres break down when exposed to specific environments such as a landfill or the ocean, the company said in a statement.

PrimaLoft said that it had enhanced the fibres to be more attractive to the naturally-occurring microbes found in these environments so that they eat away at the fibres at a faster rate, returning the fabric or insulation to natural element.

According to the company, fibres will only biodegrade when exposed to these naturally-occurring microbes in landfills or bodies of water, thus, the insulation or fabric remains highly durable throughout its usable life cycle in a garment.

PrimaLoft and our brand partners are committed to extending the life of garments through recycling, repurposing and reuse, said Joyce. This is not a promotion of discarding garments prematurely or without serious regard. Rather, this is about providing a Relentlessly Responsible solution for the inevitable end-life of a garment when the time eventually comes.

Philip Tavell, category managing director of Ski/Mountain at Helly Hansen (@HellyHansen), said: Helly Hansen designs performance products keeping consumers protected and comfortable, especially in harsh and unpredictable conditions. Weve partnered with PrimaLoft for many years to introduce high-performing apparel for skiing, sailing and outdoor adventure, including the recent introduction of our lighter, warmer LifaLoft powered by PrimaLoft Insulation.

He added that Primas material enabled Helly to continue pushing its sustainability agenda forward without sacrificing the performance weve come to expect from their best in class technologies. Its a win-win for consumers and the outdoors.

Jrgen Jrgensen, CEO of Norrna (@norrona), echoed Tavells views and said: At Norrna, sustainability and protecting the environment are top priorities, and we consider these efforts to be the most important work that we do. We are happy to see that PrimaLoft also recognises the importance of addressing and prioritising these issues. As a partner for many years, we at Norrna are excited to be a part of this launch.

Eva Karlsson, CEO of Houdini (@HoudiniSports), said: “Recycled polyester is a great example of how innovation and technology enables us to achieve great things. Micro fibre contamination is an example of the opposite. In the PrimaLoft Bio project we are seeking ways for nature and technology to form stronger partnerships rather than function at the expense of the other.”

Uwe Gottschalk, Chief Product Officer of Vaude (@VAUDE_sport), explained: “Within our philosophy of sustainability we have looked at different scientific approaches for recycling and bio-based/bio-degradable materials. The PrimaLoft Bio technology is a unique opportunity that we are working with to create biodegradable products. We are excited about joining PrimaLoft in this endeavour and are making our first prototype garment samples for further testing.

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