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Overcoming Hurdles and Jumping Hoops: Lessons from technology and project development in the bioeconomy.

On Wednesday, 11th November, we will be bringing you an exclusive webinar in partnership with Fluor, a practically focused hour looking at the steps needed for successful technology and project development in the bioeconomy.

As fellow professionals in the industry, you will know that a promising test result in the lab is not yet a successful technology or project. On the path from those first experiments through to commercially producing facility, there are several hurdles that need to be overcome. Catalysts need to be developed, optimum reactor types selected and scaled-up among other challenges, but even then, there is not yet a commercially functioning technology. There are a further set of hoops to jump through going from one project phase to the next, and along all these phases the technology or project could become stalled.

This interactive webinar, led by Jelle Ernst Oude Lenferink, Director Process Engineering and Paul Harrewijne, Project Manager both of Fluor and chaired by Luke Upton, Editor and Co-founder here at Bio-Market Insights will across 60 minutes focus on these crucial steps needed to ensure project success. Jelle and Paul will bring you practical examples and Fluor case studies that turned out to be successes, and we’ll also look at some do’s and don’ts that have been encountered along the way to a positive end result.

We will offer time to ask questions and make comments, and after this webinar you will appreciate that successful technology development needs to be done with the end in mind involving a diverse set of expertise to cover all bases.

Technology development and project execution need to team-up to be able to take the hurdles and jump the hoops so register now to find out how – Overcoming Hurdles and Jumping Hoops: Lessons from technology and project development in the bioeconomy ( 11th November – 6AM (PDT), 9AM (EDT), 2PM (GMT), 3PM (CET) and on-demand ).

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