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PepsiCo are teaming up with Danimer to move closer towards its biodegradeable packaging aims.

PepsiCos products are conspepsico.jpgumed on average one billion times a day in more than 200 countries. The American multinational’sproduct portfolio includes a wide range of food and beverages. Pepsi-Cola, Quaker and Tropicana are included under PepsiCo’s22 brands whichgenerate more than$1 billioneach in estimated annual retail sales. But this giant corporationhas recognised its need to change and make their customers more of aware of the circular economy.In October 2016 PepsiCo announced its 2025 sustainability agenda, which includes the intent to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its value chain and design 100 per cent of its packaging to be recoverable or recyclable. As a result, biotechnology companyDanimer Scientific will help PepsiCo develop biodegradable film resins to meet the sustainable flexible packaging requirements for their global food and beverage markets.

The Georgia based, Danimer Scientific ( @danimersci) develops polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) which arelinear polyesters produced by bacterial fermentation of sugar or lipids. They arespecialists in the customisation of biopolymer formulations that combine PHA, PLA and other biopolymers through a proprietary reactive extrusion process. Danimer Scientific’s products can be easily recognised in everyday life, for example: disposable flatware, coffee cup waxes, bottle seals, packaging and label glue, and many others. Their customers include farmers seeking to reduce costs and improve soil quality; managers preparing for LEED certification; food vendors looking for compostable service items; healthcare providers wishing to deliver more healthful care, and individuals and families fashioning 21st century, eco-friendly lifestyles. Danimer Scientific is now leveraging and expanding their ability to offer 100% bio-based alternatives to packagers and producers at the mass market level, which is where PepsiCo ( @pepsi)comes in.

The exciting news has been established from the long-standing relationship that has already developed bio-based compostable packaging for PepsiCos snack brands and will facilitate the expansion of Danimer Scientifics Nodax PHA plant. This goal is part of PepsiCos decade-long Performance with Purpose initiative to deliver top-tier financial performance over the long term by integrating sustainability into its business strategy. The collaboration is also expected to help expedite PepsiCos transition to packaging that is completely biodegradable for their snack food portfolio by incorporating NodaxPHA bioplastic into certain of its next-generation snacks packaging.

NodaxPHA is a naturally occurring biopolymer produced by microbial bacteria as they ferment organically sourced oils. Produced using renewable biomass, Nodax PHA is both sustainably sourced and proven to be capable of replacing many short-term use petroleum-based plastics, for both performance and price. Traditional plastics are manufactured from chemicals obtained from mined crude oil or natural gas sources.

Our first objective is achieving long-term profitability and that requires sustainable solutions to grow our business while minimizing our environmental impact. Our plan to scale Danimer Scientifics technology is a step toward achieving both our greenhouse gas emission reduction and our recoverable and recyclable packaging goals, said PepsiCo Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Mehmood Khan.

Danimer Scientifics NodaxPHA received the first ever OK Marine Biodegradable certification from Vinotte International, validating that the biopolymer safely biodegrades in salt water environments, leaving no toxins behind. NodaxPHA possesses seven Vinotte certifications and statements of industrialand home compostability, biodegradability in anaerobic, soil, fresh water, and marineenvironments, and is bio-based. All of Danimer Scientifics biopolymers, including NodaxPHA, are FDA approved for food contact which makes this a perfect collaboration with the globally recognised food and beverage brand.

Danimer Scientifics partnership with PepsiCo marks a significant milestone as we continue to expand our biopolymer technology to provide innovative bioplastic solutions to a wider range of applications and products, said Danimer Scientifics CEO, Stephen Croskrey. Weve been developing a relationship with PepsiCo for the last seven years, and as one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, their commitment to limiting the environmental impacts of their products can actuate real change in the way of sustainability.

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