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P&G brands Pantene and Ariel aim to drive circular supply chain with recycled PET product boost.

“It’s not just about reducing our impact, but about being a force for regeneration to address the challenges of plastic waste, water scarcity and biodiversity loss.”

Consumer goods giant P&G is aiming to drive the circular economy for recycled plastic in Europe through the use of circular resin in its hair care packaging and its Ariel Liquid detergents bottles.

These objectives are part of P&G’s ‘Ambition 2030’ goals, which aim to enable and inspire positive impact on the environment and society through brands, the supply chain, and employees, while creating value for the company and consumers.

According to P&G (@ProcterGamble), its ‘Hair Care’ Europe division will be trialling new packaging with recycled plastic material for Pantene products, starting with the brand’s clear bottles.

The material is made from what the company describes as ‘circular PET’, through advanced monomer recycling. This means that the material can be used in beauty packaging “over and over again”, P&G said in a statement.

The new material, to be produced by Indorama Ventures, is suitable for all brands packed in PET bottles, P&G claimed. It also said that by committing to the use of this material, P&G is driving a new circular supply chain and creating an end market for recycled plastics.

P&G detergent brand Ariel plans to save the equivalent of 200 million bottles of virgin plastic over five years as a result of a new partnership between P&G and waste management company Viridor (@ViridorUK).

Under the new collaboration, Viridor will supply high-density recycled polyethylene (rHDPE) resin to Ariel. Ariel aims to use the resin to help it meet its target of using 50% recycled content in its bottles by 2020.

Ariel’s commitments also include all packaging to be recyclable by 2022 and 30% plastic usage reduction by 2025. P&G and Viridor are both founding partners of the UK Plastics Pact, the multi-stakeholder collaborative initiative aiming to transform the plastic economy in the UK.

“2020 is a year where action – collaborative action – will put us on the right trajectory,” said Virginie Helias, P&G Chief Sustainability Officer. “For P&G, 2020 will be a year of regenerative action where we will activate our Ambition 2030 goals across our brands, through innovation and transformative partnerships. It’s not just about reducing our impact, but about being a force for regeneration to address the challenges of plastic waste, water scarcity and biodiversity loss. We will be leading on all of these fronts to drive change at scale and for long-term impact.”

Elsewhere, P&G has said that its Lenor, Unstoppables and Fairy brands will be using ‘HolyGrail’ intelligent packaging in Europe. HolyGrail packaging include digital watermarks on them to enable material recycling facilities to easily sort and recycle them.

As digital watermarks are imperceptible to the human eye but can be detected by optical scanners and smart phones, the technology can be also used for consumer engagement and education by the brands at a later stage, P&G said.

P&G’s 2030 goals include an ambition to ensure that “100% of its packaging will be recyclable or reusable”.

The company’s manufacturing sites will also aim to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half and purchase enough renewable electricity to power 100% of its plants. P&G also said it will source at least five billion litres of water from circular sources.

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