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Playing with rubbish! Introducing the Bioeconomy Game.

Move over Monopoly! Skidaddle Scrabble! Take a hike Game of Life! There’s a new game in town. And this one not just entertains but teaches its players about how to create value from waste and develop their community. The bioeconomy is a part of everyday life, but there’s still a lack of understanding by many as to how it works and contributes to sustainability.

Now, just in time for Christmas, Focus Games has launched the Bioeconomy Game. It aims to educate school children aged 12+ about sustainability as well as a training aid for workplaces wanting to learn more about this rapidly expanding bioeconomy sector. To complement the physical game there is also a digital version which can be played on a mobile device.

The game was developed in collaboration with MeLoop Foundation, India, and the THYME Project, a North of England project designed to improve productivity of the bioeconomy and companies across Yorkshire, the Humber and the Tees Valley.

The objective is to minimise the amount of waste going to landfill, and to instead create value from waste by reusing and recycling it in innovative and sustainable ways.

Penny Cunningham, THYME Operations Director explains; “The THYME project, funded by Research England, actively engages with schools and the general public to educate and inspire others on the bioeconomy. By working closely with BioVale, the UK’s only innovation cluster for the bioeconomy, we developed a fun way to get across the message about sustainability and the innovative opportunities that are available for waste.”

Melvin Bell, a Director at Focus Games added; “This game is a fantastic learning opportunity for all ages, it helps players understand how communities can make more from their waste, develop their understanding of how products are made from renewable resources and are used to support sustainable growth in their area.”

To find out more and purchase the game (educational discounts apply) visit the Focus Games website and follow them on twitter here.  

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