Report: The Next Generation of Technologies and Tactics for Scale Up.

Luke Upton

» What it’s about: To successfully accelerate your bio-business, you’ll need to scale up. This guide will offer high-level advice, best practice and technical insights into how to successfully do this. Scalability enables companies to build processes for increased and stable production, gives the ability to support growth in demand and new customers, develop accurate forecasting, ensure environmental standards are met and build a solid platform for new and improved products.

» Who it is for: Start ups, small and medium-sized enterprises who are looking to bring the production of their bio-based or sustainable product, material or chemical to an increased level, and are seeking advice and guidance on practical steps, inspiration and connections to do this.

» How we work with you: If you wished to show how your company can support those looking to scale up, then become a sponsor, contributor or advertiser in this report to ensure your place as a leader in this area. Work in partnership with our experienced editorial team to create content that truly delivers. Once published they will be promoted extensively across our channels and through our social media ensuing a truly global reach.

» What you get: As a guide sponsor you position yourself as the major influencer in this area with branding on the front page, an editorial feature, a full page advert plus we can provide opted-in and highly engaged leads. To download we require full contact details, we can then share these contacts with you to contact directly. Eliminate the risk and guarantee yourself ROI.

As a contributor, you can ensure your message is shared with our global community by creating in partnership with us an editorial feature to be included in the guide (including contact details and trackable web links ), which will also be published separately on Bio Market Insights.

As an advertiser, you can introduce a new product in the market, increase your sales and educate our readers – we can also include trackable web links so you can gain clear results.

Deadline for content and adverts: Friday 16th August.

Published week commencing: Monday 26th August.

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