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Standardisation & certification developments in the bio-economy

Sustainability still remains a hot topic on the news agenda. It seems like not a day goes by that we don’t hear about plastic pollution, climate change or plant-based products. And, this ties into the fact that more and more consumers are willing to change their daily habits in order to have a more positive effect on the environment. These consumers want guarantees that the products they buy are truly sustainable and certifying these purchases can help to provide this extra assurance….


The feedstocks powering the bio-economy revolution

The harnessing of biomass is at the heart of bio-economy, from agricultural, forestry and aquatic feedstocks through to waste streams and new alternative sources, the acquiring and processing of it is essential to achieving success.

 But as the bio-economy grows, there are major challenges in the level of competition for feedstock for different applications with implications on rising prices for biomass sources, harvestings and transporting distances and costs…


Introducing bio-based & sustainable components to long-standing supply chains

One of the key challenges to all companies when making changes is that of their supply chain. How do you introduce new ingredients or components without risking the product or endangering commercial results? What are the best tactics for overcoming the advantages, sometimes accrued over many decades, that petro-chemicals have versus their bio-based counterparts? How about senior management, colleagues or even shareholders, that may at best need convincing, at worst are hostile to making changes?


Bringing synthetic biology innovations to commercial scale

From cells that manufacture chemicals, to better crops and tailored medicine, synthetic biology presents many opportunities for a variety of industries. There are already a number of synbio innovations that have successfully come to market and are being deployed in industry verticals around the world. In our latest report, the second in our series focused on the hottest areas of the bioeconomy, we have engaged with the synthetic biology community to bring our readers insights and exclusives from this exciting area.


The next generation of technologies and tactics for scale up

The pathways from laboratory research to successful commercialisation are not always easy. In fact, the biggest challenge most companies face is to get processes in place that are productive enough to make them commercial. There are many hurdles to jump over to overcome scale-up challenges. But as the bioeconomy grows, we are seeing more of these barriers to growth fall away.


World Bio Markets Outlook 2020

We will soon be waving goodbye to 2019 and saying hello 2020. However, before we look forward, we need to take a look back. 2019 has seen news of the climate crisis and impact of human development on the environment become hot topics and reach front pages around the world – from Greta Thunberg to Extinction Rebellion in Europe and the rest of the world to dramatic floods and fires. Having spent years as a Cinderella-type issue, the overpowering urgency of the impending climate breakdown is perceived as a crisis by citizens across the globe, shooting up the agenda in terms of importance.


EU Commission: Bio-based products – from idea to market

The bio-based sector is amongst the most thriving sectors in the European bioeconomy. Industry players in this sector use biological resources (including residues and waste) to make innovative greener value added products. This nascent sector is somehow still small compared to more traditional ones but it is undergoing rapid developments…


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