How do we engage with the global bio-economy?

Rosie Nixon

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The hub of our global community, since 2015, every day we cover the projects, policies and personalities shaping the future and growing commercialisation of the bio-economy and give you the intelligence and insight you need to succeed. Our newsletter is sent directly into the inbox of over 18,000 subscribers, bringing them a digest of our biggest stories, exclusive content and news from other sources.

Bio Market Insights Quarterly.

Published four times a year, it is the essential business magazine for leaders in the global bio-economy. Formerly known as the Bio-Based World Quarterly featuring exclusive features, headline interviews, in-depth case studies and much more, this specially designed digital publication is an authoritative addition to our portfolio. Each issue is distributed globally across our platforms. Whilst our Spring edition is also printed and given to all delegates at World Bio Markets and the Winter edition at Syn Bio Markets.


We can work with you on creating and promoting your own online event, which connects individuals with viewers across the world in real time, or on a delay. The main feature of live webinars is interactivity, or the ability to discuss, send and receive information in real time. During a webinar, in addition to the presentation itself, the host can start polls, communicate via online chat, share desktop and use a variety of other digital materials and video.


Bio Market Insights has a calendar of industry reports focused on the key topics and big issues needed to drive forward the commercialisation of the bio-economy. More than just technical studies, they bring real world expertise and insight direct to our community they will be a crucial in filling a major knowledge gap on our industry.

White Papers.

If you have a White Paper or piece of research that you want to share with a larger audience and generate relevant and guaranteed opted-in leads for you then this is for you. These are authoritative documents that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the authors philosophy to the issue.

Communications Projects. 

Do you feel you need some help and support engaging with the industry beyond our media and live offerings? Perhaps some guidance and advice on messages that really cut through the noise and reach the people you need to grow your business. Or tips and tricks on navigating social media. Or maybe our in-house designer can assist in making banners, buttons, brochures or prospectuses for you. Whatever it is for you, we’d love to chat.

Our Brands 

World Bio Markets was a fantastic event for our company. It allowed us to understand the latest issues facing the bioeconomy and learn about new technologies and business approaches being developed. In addition, we were able to make a number of strategic introductions that we anticipate will lead to long term partnerships.

The leading bioeconomy network, connecting over 50,000 senior decision makers around the world. Providing data, insights and online and offline
connections. We are at the heart of the driving the commercialisation of the global bio industry.

Running for over a decade this is the bio industry’s largest global gathering. Focusing on the commercialisation of the bio value chain from land to brand. Over 500+ attendees and 1,000+ onsite partnering meetings, this is where the bio industry does business.

Linking science to business and focused on turning potential into profit by connecting synbio investors, academics and industry to commercial end markets and customers across the agriculture, chemicals, materials and pharma industries.

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