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The dedicated TV channel for the global bioeconomy community. Where the good and the great share their insights, opinions, and vision as we transition from linear to circular. BMI TV streams influencer interviews and hosts world-renowned expert masterclasses.

What is it and how to get involved?

BMI TV broadcasts the latest bioeconomy strategies, policies, technologies, and trends. Learn from industry experts what is impacting bio-based industries, investments, and how to implement the most effective solutions within your organization. 

BMI TV offers you a platform to get your story in front of the bio-based community. There are advertising opportunities for company branding. Position your company and executives as thought-leaders in front of a huge global audience. Host private and pre-registered Masterclasses to knowledge exchange and lead-generation. We support all our shows with a suite of marketing activities utilising our community of 56k professionals, distributing through partner networks, hosting shows on YouTube, and supporting shows with targeted invitation-only marketing campaigns. BMI TV also serves as a great company update to distribute to your customers, partners, and internal staff. 

Get in touch with the team now to learn more about interviews, hosting masterclasses, advertising, and sponsoring opportunities. 



Our interview series is broken down into 30-minute episodes featuring global leaders, innovators, pioneers, and disruptors from the entire bioeconomy value chain. We delve into industry-defining strategies, policies, technologies, and trends and get the bio perspectives from academia, R&D, scientists, manufacturers, converters, consumer brands, retailers, and investors.

An interview with BMI TV is an effective way to convey your value to our community of potential buyers, influencers, partners, and investors.


Our masterclass series helps businesses to effortlessly position themselves as industry thought leaders. You can host an ‘invite only’ interactive masterclass or webinar which is privately streamed to a highly targeted section of our global community. You define the people you wish to reach and we match them to your content offering. 

A masterclass with BMI TV is an environmentally friendly, personal, and interactive channel for presenting your solutions, technical expertise, and meeting customers.


Sep Biomaterials & ingredients The Interview
Sustainable marketing and how to avoid the ‘hero trap’ The Interview, with Thomas Kolster
Ingredients Masterclass: Title TBC The Masterclass
Oct Biochemicals The Interview
Through the eyes of the global super brand or retailer The Interview
BioChemcials Masterclass: Title TBC The Masterclass
Nov Synbio industrial-scale cell manufacturing The Interview
Synbio – A record year in Investment  The Interview
The bioeconomy – where we have been, where are we going, and how to increase the speed of travel The Masterclass
SynBio Masterclass: Title TBC The Masterclass
Dec Bio and regenerative agriculture The Interview
Start-up to scale up and beyond The Interview
BioChemcials Masterclass: Title TBC The Masterclass
Jan 2022 The bioeconomies new year’s resolutions The Interview
Environmental legislation from around the world The Interview
BioPlastics  The Interview
Biotechnology The Interview
Biofuel and energy The Interview