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Luke Upton

Bio Market Insights (BMI) is launching a new online focus to showcase and promote some the most exciting growth areas of the bioeconomy.

Our themed spotlight weeks have been designed to continue the sustainability conversation and cover a variety of industry sectors within the bioeconomy which are popular with our readers.

We always aim to ensure that the information presented in BMI comes from a range of voices. Overall, our new section hopes to bring you editorial content that will inform, inspire and empower bioeconomy professionals. Collaboration has never been more important than now.

With a mix of features, opinion pieces, information sessions and interviews, our themed weeks are an ideal opportunity for you to learn more about a particular sector from industry professionals to give you more in-depth knowledge about key industry trends.

Throughout the year we will have many themed weeks with links provided to the relevant editorial content. Including:

Week starting 18th May. Bio-based textiles week.

Fast fashion is having a real impact on our environment. However, many people are now starting to view textiles and fashion through a sustainable lens. At BMI, we are very excited to see so many stakeholders willing to take steps towards shaping conscious consumption and sustainable living.

During our spotlight on bio-based textiles week we will be looking at industry players looking to make the textiles sector more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In essence, we will promote exclusive interviews with biotechnology companies, opinion pieces from industry experts and thought-provoking features.

Read highlights of the week below.

Week starting 29th June. Bio-based feedstock week.

Biomass is one of the most abundant resource of fixed renewable carbon on earth. It shows itself in resources such as woody crops and food crops. This enormous resource of fixed renewable carbon is an attractive feedstock-base the bio-based industry, provided this is realised in a sustainable fashion, without loss of biodiversity, not causing indirect land use change (ILUC) nor negatively affecting food security. Tapping this resource for the production of bio-based chemicals and materials, will accelerate the establishment of a bio-based industry and contributing to the sustainability goals.

BMI will take an in-depth look at alternative feedstocks, such as PHAs, PLAs and lignin, and how they are being used to decrease our dependency on fossil fuel-based materials.

Read highlights of the week below.

Week starting 13th July. Bio-based outdoor week. Pre-covid 19, more and more people were starting to take breaks away from the digital world and were expressing an interest in connecting with the outdoors in all its forms – from attending outdoor festivals to adventure camping and, of course, glamping. Who are the companies making in-roads in the bio-based outdoor sector? BMI analyses this question.

Week starting 17th August. Bio-based chemical recycling week. Chemical recycling is starting to be seen as a serious disrupter within the waste management sector. Chemical recycling technologies allow use of plastic waste as feedstock to produce new chemicals and plastics. Companies are developing new technologies and chemical recycling capacity to complement mechanical recycling. BMI will look at what chemical recycling is, its challenges and opportunities.

Week starting 14th September. Get ready for WBM week. A preview of all the exciting speakers and sessions of the upcoming World Bio Markets 2020 conference, taking place in Amsterdam in November.

Week starting 14th December. Bio-based Xmas week. 

Are you interested on getting involved? If you feel that you would like to participate in any of these themed weeks through way of an article, please contact deputy editor Liz Gyekye via

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