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Stora Enso unveils recyclable paperboard for paper cups to help customers reduce the use of plastics.

Stora Enso’s Cupforma Natura Solo recyclable cups

“We see strong demand for eco-friendly solutions in today’s food service packaging. Consumers demand convenience, but in a sustainable way.”

Finland-based firm Stora Enso has launched Cupforma Natura Solo – a renewable paperboard designed for paper cups.

According to Stora Enso , the product is produced without a traditional plastic coating layer and is suitable for hot and cold drinking cups, as well as for ice-cream packaging.

It is also designed for full fibre recovery in a recycling process.

The new material has been developed by the firm as part of its commitment to improve the environmental footprint of food service packaging.

Stora Enso (@storaenso) Consumer Board division head of liquid packaging and carton board senior vice-president Hannu Kasurinen said: “We see strong demand for eco-friendly solutions in today’s food service packaging. Consumers demand convenience, but in a sustainable way.

“Recycling will reduce the carbon footprint of a paper cup by half, and the entire value chain benefits from innovations in renewable materials.

“Cupforma Natura Solo is yet another step on our journey to help customers reduce the use of plastics, and to drive the change towards more efficient recycling of food service packaging.”

The firm said it also developing innovative solutions to support coffee houses and fast food chains in order to the meet the consumers’ need for sustainable choices.

Stora Enso Consumer Board division new barrier solutions business head Ebba Mannheimer said: “We have been trialling Cupforma Natura Solo with our customers in Europe and have proved that it works similarly to traditional polyethylene-lined cups, so no new converting technology is needed.

“In addition, this innovative material can increase the value of used cups in recycling, as the barrier breaks down in a recycling process, and all fibres can be utilised.”

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