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Tanatex Chemicals unveils new bio-based microencapsulation garment finishing tech.

Tanatex Chemicals, a chemical supplier for the textiles industry, has developed a new bio-based microencapsulation garment finishing technology which will host cosmetic solutions that aim to improve skin conditions and make customers look slimmer.

Microcapsules made from natural polysaccharides (sugars) and polypeptides (proteins) disperse the contents after enzymatic breakdown, a process through which enzymes on the wearer’s skin biodegrade the capsule walls.

The cosmetic solution is then slowly dispersed and absorbed by the skin, whilst treated garments can be laundered an estimated 20 times, retaining the finishing solution for repeated applications.

A Tanatex Chemicals spokesman told Bio Market Insights that its customers were demanding more sustainable products. He also said that the company will be pressing ahead with sustainable initiatives as it is part of Tanatex Chemicals’ growth plans.

The company will call its new range TANA CARE Bio. It’s TANA CARE Bio-Slim product will be its first one launched under this range.

According to Tanatex Chemicals, the slimming effect is performed by using a complex and synergetic blend of cosmetic ingredients, which have lipolytic activity (working on the fat) and venotonic action (activating the micro-circulation), on top they are enhancing skin elasticity, resilience and tightness. The scientific in-vitro and in-vivo testing at an external laboratory showed significant improvement after 15 and 30 days wearing a treated product.

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