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Thousand Fell launches new bio-based, recyclable trainers.

“We wanted to take ownership of product end of life, so or customers can feel confident about their purchase and impact.”

Thousand Fell, a US-based sustainable trainer brand, is launching what it describes as recyclable, bio-based, vegan shoes.

The company said that the trainers, which are also described as sneakers, are produced in Brazil and made of 12 sustainably-sourced materials, including aloe vera, coconut, sugar cane and recycled water bottles.

Designed for disassembly, every part of the vegan trainer can be recycled, biodegraded or upcycled.

According to Thousand Fell, its circular model means that the brand will be responsible for its trainers once customers are done with them. Customers who send their used trainers back to Thousand Fell can also receive a discount off their next purchase.

Thousand Fell said it will then refurbish the shoes and donate them for a second life through their partnership with non-profit social, environmental enterprise Soles4Soles.

Currently 97% of all shoes end up in landfill, where it takes up to 80 year for rubber soles and 40 years for leather shoes to decompose, Thousand Fell said.

“So many of us have high frequency basics, like our favourite white sneakers, that we wear on repeat, but inevitably have to discard at some point,” Thousand Fell co-founder Chloe Songer.

She added: “We wanted to take ownership of product end of life, so or customers can feel confident about their purchase and impact.”

“We are proud to introduce a sneaker that was meant to be worn everyday – your new ride-or-die sneaker. When they are finally worn through, we will take over to ensure that your sneaker never sees a landfill,” added co-founder Stuart Ahlum.

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