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Three reasons to talk to Bio Market Insights about webinars.

Despite Coronavirus limiting travel and disrupting long-established plans and schedules (including our very own World Bio Markets rescheduled from this week to November) we understand that you still need to keep doing business. The bio-economy is growing and we need to ensure that once this challenge has passed, we are all in a position to maintain its momentum. To support this, we are further opening up access to the highly-proven and extensive Bio-Market Insights digital community for our supporters and partners.

There are a number of ways in which you can work with us, from editorial features, and lead-generating white papers through to bannersbuttons and adverts but for the highest levels of engagement and ROI, a webinar offers a great opportunity.

A webinar, such as this one we broadcast last month, is a powerful way to engage a large audience of potential customers, and present a case study, generating their full contact details for engagement and sales activity for the ‘best’ opportunities afterwards – all from the convenience of your own office.

Three reasons to talk to Bio Market Insights about webinars.

• They are highly engaging. According to studies, the average webinar viewing time is 61 minutes.
• They work across the entire customer journey. From thought-leadership discussions to live demos and product launches, webinars are a dynamic and effective way to move prospects down the funnel from initial awareness to signed contract.
• They generate high-quality leads for sales. Webinars come with plenty of information about your prospects that you can use to identify high-quality, sales-ready leads. With each webinar registrant and answered question or poll, you can collect lead and engagement data your sales team can use to initiate personalised contact.

But don’t just take our word for it…

“We were delighted with the results of the webinar we did with Bio Market Insights, along with our partners, it was great to share our latest project and its outputs with their community in a lively and engaging way. Being able to gain real time insight into the webinar viewers through the interactive polls and questions during the broadcast was invaluable. and post-recording, receiving the full contact details of the viewers provided a fantastic boost to our commercial growth. A webinar followed up by a presentation at World Bio Markets is the best marketing we’ve done this year! and we look forward to the next one!”– Matti Heikkilä, Chief Technology Officer, MetGen

We look forward to having an open and non-committal discussion about how we can work with you.

Would you like to learn more about working with us on a webinar? Then click here for some more information and contact or fill in the below form to find out more:

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